Supercross the Game 2 Review | Quickie

introducing the quickie series.. where im too lazy to make/edit an episode of ‘IS IT GOOD’ so i just ramble for like 10 minutes

monster energy supercross the game 2 MESX 2


Holtergeist797 says:

i thought i was crazy about the top of the berm not allowing you to cut down. it’s quite frustrating.

MrSnowrocks says:

You missed a who topic, AI. Straight garbage. Not everybody plays online, and if you are getting it for single player aspect, the AI is terrible and has no improvement over the first game.

Motocross40swe says:

just fucking give us mxs or mva reflex physics with these graphics

Austin DeMarr says:

I really like it. And I’d say it’s better than MESX1. I like the more realistic but not to realistic feel. I honestly don’t have the time or patience for MX Sim between learning it then installing all the mods and what not to make it look decent. This lets me come home from work, plop down, throw down some heaters with the boys, and move on. Easy to learn, hard to master. Agree 100% on the casing triples and tough blocks too

Septic w4rd3n says:

On Xbox the first one is still $60

Hiten says:

Needs less understeer, then it’s almost a no-brainer recommendation over MESX1, imo. Oh, and yeah, the rider training and bike upgrading takes WAY…TOO…LONG.

Ethan Stevens says:

We want an is it good vid if they fix what you said

Thomas Pajor says:

the turning in this game sucks and that is really my only complaint (other than whips/scrubs of course) idk if i just kinda found out or if its a thing but if u hit the gas while hitting ur front brake you can turn the bike a lot better. takes some time to master cuz u get throw off the bike half the time but it kinda works

Riley Smith says:

I know people want you to flat out say which is better but honestly I can’t even answer that. I hate not being able to go high when I turn though, you just fly right off.

Cameron Brown says:

I’m the same man I don’t know which I like better, they both have highs and lows but both solid games in their own right

ASAP________________HUNNA says:

Donut, you going to cycle ranch any time soon


Do you even today a dirt bike? Love u donut.

Jardan says:

keep up the good vids bro

Hayden Hauser says:

I was playing today and threw the nicest looking whip i think possible in the game, idk how

James Zbierski says:

I’ve cased a lot of triples (mostly on the 250) and ridden out of them. Just gotta panic rev

Michael Anthony says:

Nice track design

Mxracer6y says:

also donut boy, need to use brake and gas in the corner at the same time, bike will turn real sharp like, sharp like real sharp

Mxracer6y says:

broooooooo the whips ARE free, what is WRONG with you people.

ALL of those are completely different

Cmillis003 says:

If you’re looking for a perfect sim motoRcross game, go to your local gamestop and purchase mad skills mx for the soulja console. 10/10 Shmeezers

Anonimoose A. says:

“before this turns into a 45 minute long Spencer Turley rant”, fucking hilarious. Just curious, if you respond, have you ever actually talked to Spencer before, Donut? I’m curious what someone like that is like to meet.

Holtergeist797 says:

i think you said a fully modded bike is better than a “pro rider”… you mean a fully modded bike with all the training done? or not

Waysmooth says:

I disagree with you on the tough blocks. If another rider hits one onto the track it doesn’t disappear immediately, it takes probably an entire second for them to disappear or for you to be able to ride through it. Also if you go off the track it won’t ever give me 3 sec to return to track, it will immediately reset me and that’s very annoying. All in all though I really like the game

TUBZ Attwood says:

Huck a jump and it immediately throws you off the bike

Renegade50deuce says:

I’m enjoying MESX2 so much more mainly because there is much less of a cheese factor in multiplayer.

HighSidedFilms says:

be bwah

Im_c21 says:

Every complaint is about small things… except for actual ruts

Randy Bunn says:

Yes…. Let’s make this like a shitty side scroll for a phone and let’s make it so we can case anything and just hold er pinned bud

Endi says:

Galaxy bro!!

Austin Ogonoski says:

This was actually such a good review though. Tons of in-depth commentary on the physics and explaining why certain elements (like riding the berm) are kind of janky. I wish four-wheeled racing simulators had YouTube personalities like yourself; we literally get 2-hour lets plays where the host just goes YEAH ITS GREAT 10/10 and calls it a day.


Fix the Damn red plate glitch

suppercrossboy says:

I think the whips look real, like a fat barcia scrub

Trenon says:

What models of bikes are in this game?

s̶k̶u̶d̶ says:

i hated it at first but did the training completed then & it has gotten much more fun to play. a lot of people hate the game based off their first time playing it without completing any training at all…

52foreman52 says:

This video is sponsored to you by Spencer Turley lol.

Mxracer6y says:

donut need to learn how to whip, boy

Jessy Gardens says:


GDUB MX says:

I love wet vegetables

Holtergeist797 says:

agree, a little less understeer

MITIS XQ says:

Atleast theyre fixing the game and not working overtime to get all of the new dlc’s out to you like some developers i know.

Joeva10 says:

Don’t go into hiding !

Eddy Massow says:

I miss Shny-Dawg

Redneck Onion says:

OK then YMS

Im_c21 says:

All the girls want to today Stache MX’s stacherooni. Wonder when we get Amish MX

phifedig34 says:

spot on, thank you… and thank god you put this vid out. i can’t watch spencer and all these other guys who review moto games. one more small improvement would be to allow the rider to start scrubbing a little earlier on the face of the jump. Milestone needs to watch this and make the small changes, but they won’t. they’ll probably fuck up all the good stuff this game has to offer.please put out more content!?

PixelFodder says:

I really like both MESX’s, I think they’ve both been a step in the right direction for mx games in general. Can’t wait to see what they bring out next (Y)

Regive YT says:

Flip a coin lmao

Sounds about like every milestone game

Tyler Macmaster says:

If they were the same price what would y’all pick, 1 or 2?

Trevor Foster says:

I’ll give u 5 jahcoins if u tell me release date for season 2

Trevor Hernandez says:

It’d be dope if half of the hard cases just stopped your momentum instead of throwing your spine through your b hole. The biggest problem with the turning is the inconsistency; on the same track, same turn some laps you can rail through while others you end up having to drag dick and hold a full lean, and you’ll still end up sending it straight into the tough blocks. There’s no predictability and that takes me out of the game

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