Tesco Strawberry Donut Review – 4kSugarGlazed and the Donut Gang

Lewis “insert donut name here” bought me a very premium donut that demanded a review!

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Topol says:

This is god tier content turps

Charlie CDT says:

Lewis the ‘Ring King’

servantofthesong says:

Worst ASMR ever

goggleOgler says:

Use a system of twelve for rating! I’d give this donut four out of a dozen! The best donuts could earn a baker’s dozen!

James Lansbury says:


troll tester says:

Can the Yogscast part ways with Hat films? They are turning out to be pretty fucking lame tbh.

Chris Hopkins says:

Was not expecting to see Adam Koralik in this magnificent donut review. Long live Shenmue and long live Donuts!

Dipak Rana says:

Lewis “DoughNUTALLERGY” Brindley

Nick C says:


tum hawken says:

instead of bluexephos he is now……………………..


Daxt3rDeFluff2 says:

The doughnutCast is growing

Darren Lloyd says:

why is smith not buttoning up… is he trying to show Nip?,,,Pervert!

Clairelyse says:

Wait…..WAIT JUST A SECOND! Is that Adam as in Adam Koralik?? How the hell did the beer wench Feuhorbe get all the way to the UK and working with you lot?? xD

Jim Hadley says:

lewis: the sugardaddy

Trick says:

Do Morrisons still do those incredible jam donuts? Those things were incredible

Ben Carter says:

This video will be used as evidence when you all inevitably burn that building down again

KlaxonCow says:

Ignore Smiffy, your fractional do(ugh)nut rating system is vastly more mathematically precise than his silly arbitrary “out of 10” nonsense.

It’s the rational choice.

poopsfeast420 says:


Jarod Woodall says:

Lewis “420GlazeIt” Brindles

Chris Green says:

Lewis = Ring Master

therchas says:


Silver Cells says:

That’s the same warehouse where they filmed the first block and load challenge!

Alex Campbell says:

wait is that Adam “Feuhorbe” Koralik?

Reentry says:

Lewis “Frosting Bandit” Brindley

Capt_Anders says:

Can’t believe Turps isn’t a comedean

awkwardbanana says:

The 2nd channel should be called “Scone Crazy”

Stupoider says:

Lewis ‘Powder My Nose’ Brindley

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