The Simpsons Tic Tac Mints: Bubblegum, Donut & Blueberry Review

This is a taste test/review of The Simpsons Tic Tac Mints. Flavors include Bubblegum, Donut and Blueberry. These were mailed to us from Mich Mich in Michigan! She paid $1.99 each at 7-Eleven.

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Sheree McIntire says:

I got mine at Allsups in Alamogordo, New Mexico. I saw them later selling on Ebay and Mercari for ridiculous amounts of money, so I went to get more, and they’re gone. lol

Mathew n says:

Saw them at the store I worked but I haven’t seen then on display, but it’s the bigger ones

Luke Carrigan says:

Used to watch Simpson’s almost daily as a kid. Funny I just glanced at the comments and somebody else suggested bringing back the Cinnamon Tic Tacs which I wasn’t thinking of but prior to reading that I was thinking of the Cinnamon Gum in the MRE’s and I think it was because you mentioned the breath element which you always say in the MRE reviews about the gum which goes to show how accurate and consistent your MRE reviews are. Anyway that’s enough from me I look forward to the vlog and haul tomorrow

Care Bear Tv says:

Try milk

Mich B says:

I’m so happy you liked them ! 🙂

P Meredith says:

They have all flavors at Five Below

lnghrnfn says:

I love your T-shirt, Tami!!!

Ashly Menard says:

My Mom bought me the donut-flavored ones a few weeks ago. I love “The Simpsons,” and she saw those themed Tic-Tacs and thought of me. Now I just need to try the blueberry and bubblegum ones.

sunshine ok says:

I found them in the commissary at the base I live on..

C Richards says:

I saw the Homer at cracker barrel checkout 2 days ago.

godschild60071 says:

cvs pharmacy

Carina says:

I want to try these haha! Only because I love the Simpsons! 😀

TJS [NoDQ] says:

I’ve been looking for these. Good review. There’s no 7-11 here in Arkansas, sadly.

WWEFAN1991 says:

I found a bigger container of them at bed bath and beyond

Tip Tig says:

im going to look for theese

Brian Halcom says:

Bring back the Cinnamon Tic Tacs !!!

pittsteelers001 says:

To me tic tacs are something that should have ceased to exist in the 1990’s.

Jacob Walton says:

These look very good and fun hopefully I can find these last time I saw specialty tic tacs was at my local walmart

Technosquid says:

I bet they are a 7-11 exclusive. I remember about ten years ago when they transformed some 7-11 stores into kwik-e-marts to promote the Simpons movie, I looked up where my nearest location was. Unfortunately it was about 300 miles.

jean norton says:


Aleen R says:

I saw these in Canada (N.S.) at the Superstore!! =)

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