Toyota 4Runner- Everything You Need To Know | Up To Speed

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The Toyota 4Runner is the Off-Road car of the people. With a reputation for being bulletproof, it became the off-road car that defined the SUV. We cover its humble inspiration- the Toyota Trekker, the low power, but indestructible, rock dominating first and second gen 4Runners, and the Modern Luxury SUV off-road monster it is today. This is everything you need to know to get Up to Speed on the Toyota 4Runner.

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Clean Trash says:

I got a 91 4runner with 160,000 miles on it, and got quite a few problems going on. But Im still lovin it

Drowned Creations says:

20r and the 22re are damn near indestructible

Isaiah Ortiz says:

Just got a Toyota t100 1995 for my first car!

FolsomGaming says:

How much weed was smoked when the script for this video was written

isaak mclean says:

just didnt feel like mentioning all diesel engines?

Sondra Kay says:

LOVE MY 1999 4RUNNER–never breaks down!

Richard Roe says:

What other trucks are cool: Jeep Scrambler. Ford Raptor. Ram Powerwagon. Unimog. Could also do a WTF vid on the difference and pro/cons of quarter, half, 3/4, and 1 ton trucks.

ALEXJOAN153 says:

I have an 1994 one


Dude. I died at 3:57

Ivan Spann says:

We need an up to speed on the Toyota t100

Girish Ghoorah says:

4runner is the brother of the Toyota helix

Travs Guide says:

had one of those babies 3rd gen 3.0l v6 stick with 4 wd stick too although the 4 wd didn’t work or the cruise control. it was quite slow but I loved it you could shampoo it up and it looks new again

Paul Middleton says:

How about Nissan Pathfinder

CD says:

I don’t know if I like more the 4Runner or this guys acting

Rodrigo Gatica Rodriguez says:

#just like my dad

Captain FALKEN says:

Toyota trucks > Toyota cars

Jesse Lowe says:

Did this mans just say IFS is more capable than a straight axle offroad? Cmoooooon man

TY TV says:

I’m 6’4 300 can I fit in a 4runner

Gruuvin1 says:

Man, this guy is a dork.

LynDee Talmage says:

You are so rad. Thanks for info on my rig and also a good LOL!

Kevin Hoang Vlogs says:

I love this guy so much, he is so fun LOL

Robin May says:

Up to speed on Tesla? Please?

Simplicty says:

Tacoma please

Fuentes says:

I was in a crash in 2016 and my 4runner sr5 ran on 3 wheels … I honestly couldn’t believe it

Esco says:

what about tacoma?!

Tony Montana says:

1st Gen BEST GEN

Stockton Davis says:

0:45 That laugh…

Michael Belonio says:

In our country, that’s a class called PPV (Pickup based Passenger Vehicle). Since unlike the US we don’t have the TUNDRA, however we (the non-American region) have the HILUX pickup, so they make the FORTUNER, the same function as that.

Kevin Jude Deloria says:

the side story made me subscribe

Cadina Antonia says:

I love my 4runner soo much and they are under rated so much its sad

Seth Mckenzie says:


Norman Craig says:

Has anybody heard, that the 3.4 motor in the 4runner has a problem with the crankshafts breaking. I have a 98, and that’s what I’m being told by a garage that this, is a common problem with these vehicles. I’ve had three and have never heard of this.

Art Parker says:

3rd gen 4runner are still the best.

Andy always says:

Hilux,,,not helix…….pronounced high lux

David Lin says:

Everything we know to get up to speed on Cadillac CTS please?

David Garay says:


Omega Beta says:

Wrangler owners are jealous.

Random Dogger says:

I miss my 4th gen, I occasionally cry about it in my 5th gen.

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