TRYING KRISPY KREME DONUTS! – Eating Doughnuts, Pumpkin Pie, & MORE Dessert Taste Test Review!

TRYING KRISPY KREME DONUTS! – Eating Doughnuts, Pumpkin Pie, & MORE Dessert Taste Test Review!
y’all i tried literally all of krispy kreme doughnuts, well at least all the ones i could find at the store lol i basically did a donut challenge, but it was fun and it all tasted so amazing! let me know if you guys liked this taste test video! and tell me what other foods or desserts you want me to try! this is my first donut taste test and i wanna do more! it was so fun trying krispy kreme, but i really wanna try dunkin donuts as well! what’s your favorite donut? thank you guys for watching my review!


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Tamara Nixon says:

Donuts donuts everywhere

Yazmine Aristile says:

Love u

John Shaw says:

Kill yourself in real life

Avery Elliott says:

you should stop making testing videos I liked it when you were cooking stuff

LaJayah Paz says:

You should do KFC



Kylie Bristow says:

You really have to heat up the donuts to get the ultimate effect and taste is warm wet and moist trust me you’ll be SHOOK

Natalie Smith says:

Donuts donuts everywhere yasss

Beckie Gallik says:

hey Timmy you should make a tomato curlers

Christina Novy says:

The famous swiffer strikes again

Legalized Panda says:

This made me so hungry

jake grear says:

Timmy, I love you but if I have to sit through one more Buffalo Wild Wings commercial, I’m gunna smash my laptop

Starbucks Queens channel 13 16 says:

Donut donuts everywhere

Brianna Morris says:

the cream filled donuts are my all time favorite I wanted to snatch them through the screen lol

BeatleBabe says:

Donuts, donuts everywhere….yaaaaas!

Samantha Cline says:

Trying stoner foods for your next video

chicken nugget says:

Dohnuts Dohnuts everywhere…. yessss

Carmen Ludwigson says:

Donuts donuts EVERYWHERE!!!! I work at Glazed and Confused in Wellington FL… you’d love to taste test these donuts! Love ya Timmy Timato

Nelly Elle says:

Doughnuts doughnuts everywhere

Brooklyn French says:

this video just made me hungry and now im sad lol

DriftyGal Time says:


Ashley Sancto says:

Doughnuts doughnuts everywhere….YASSSSSS!!

Sarah Sassy says:

Donuts Donuts, EVERYWHERE!

K&R. Nation says:

Donuts donuts everywhere…. yasss

Sarah Burnham says:

As a new englander, I would very much like a Dunkin Donuts episode.

Aubrey Hall says:

Donuts donuts everywhere

Muntaha Junaid says:

Yeah so now he’s on the actual trying to be Shane journey.

Peyton Erika says:

those 25 dislikes xD

Jennifer Araujo says:


Tiger God says:

Are you gay

Lulu AlKhatrash says:

donut donuts everywhereeeeeeee

Desiree Dabels says:

Doughnuts doughnuts everywhere. YESSSSSS

Tashan Matthews says:

U should do a tomato donuts

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