Two Point Hospital & Pinkmans Donut Review – Today I Played

For someone who is allergic to nuts, Lewis seems to constantly be munching on nuts all the time…

Lewis twitter:
Turps twitter:


Tangible Pear says:

RIP Lewis

Lalana says:

Who eats donuts for lunch? Sugary donuts are basically candy! How does Turps manage to keep that ripped dadbod despite this?!

leader of the Ben cult says:

The Ben’s have arrived

JarvisChrist says:

writing off donuts on your taxes is the dream

Roshan Jayasekera says:

I highly recommend Titan Souls, a bit old now but its a nice fun short game thats fairly challenging

JuggernautJeff says:

And this is how Lewis went out in a honeycomb blaze of glory

SoundsOfTheWild says:


VeggeMight says:

As a male adult i’m very proud that i haven’t pooped myself in public.

Alex the Koala says:

Sick crossover

Small Lebanese Child says:

gotta love baby bites

Rel1369 says:

It’s funny that it doesn’t matter how many times Duncan has been on camera, he still seems nervous.

Aaron Mykal La Ruina says:

3:18 love the tea shop is it any good?

Al3X_ 0nline_ says:

I thought I saw a scrawny man and a buff man walking from college green Up park street today

Ylazza C says:

Got an ad for Second Life on this vid

Li0N says:

park hill romance xd

Alice Marshall says:

I feel like Lewis has been looking really good recently, well done Lewis keep up the good looks

Shaunyboy says:

Please play true hentai puzzle

AWF003 says:

Gonna try the new Dragon Quest? I know at least one of you dudes is an RPG fan.

ZOD4 says:

Anyone got a full story on what happened at Wok to Walk and the Futon place?

Tom Kearsley says:

I assume from the description this was another Turps edit

Crok says:

duncan donuts eats just like me.

Lewis' Number 1 Fan says:

Lewis proving himself as number 1 with that level of bravery!

fudgeyman99 says:

Two point hospital is a fantastic game

PD Guitar says:

I love it when the people in the background realise they’re on camera 3:15

Big Tango says:

3:25 T H I C C

sKiiTs8 says:

YOu guys should check out the new Dragon Quest game – reminds me of the good old days of Final Fantasy

Jordan Smith says:

The doughnut review entourage is growing.

Kompoism says:

I was really hoping they were going to going to stationery world. Looked so appealing from the front..

CasiusJr1 says:

Easily my favorite channel and best content

zpectral says:

wow no dislikes atm 887/0 , sry if i cursed it 🙁

Hoochy0208 says:

Love this channel, it’s like a daily behind the scenes.

orange circle says:

I mean you could ask if there are nuts in the food before buying it.

Jacob Darkmagic says:

9k views, 1k likes and 0 dislikes… quality content bois

Freddo228 says:

Never put a profile picture or banner on this. It would ruin the sanctity of the tip ecosystem

raffd0206 says:

Love it lads great Job!!

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