VooDoo Donut Tasting FRENZY | Fast & Furious Ride Review Universal Studios Orlando

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Michelle Harmon says:

is the Back to the Future still there

Renae Melody says:

hahaha there goes my diet just from watching this!!!! XD

smiilexoxo27 says:

Totally agree with your review of Fast and Furious….LAME!!!

Nancy Bauernfeind says:

Chris and your younger son looks so much like brothers I thank they have the same daddy lol

Angies Hill says:

Lol i love green grots bank ride went on 5 times row

Jyl Zuyus says:

i saw a video for that fast ride and it looks so bad … its nice to see that its size friendly but thats it , i think they could have put a much better ride .

Kim Luarks says:

What??? No maple bacon bar??? That’s my favorite voodoo donut! We have one here in Denver!

SuperZandersmom says:

Dang,, some expensive donuts that really don’t look that appetizing ( just my opinion ) .. probably would be fun for a bunch of kids after a sleep over in the morning and send them home to their parents all hyped up on sugar. 🙂

XtraK 38 says:

That chocolate fritter looks so good!!

Pamela Thomas says:

aren’t they based in Seattle? I saw them on the travel channel

Southern Mommy of Three says:

I’ve heard a lot of disappointing reviews on the fast and furious I watched a video of it and it looks awful. They missed a huge opportunity with this .

Lelen Guava says:

You know what would be so cool, if Zarius or Chris could sense each other from another room. They should try it out.

Alsharay Graham says:

Lol. Couldn’t help but laugh at your dog in the back ground . She/He was getting some action * wink wink *

Stephanie Raebel says:

The report is that the donuts are to dowey. The no name is also said to be not liked much. Universal Hollywood voodoo donuts had there opening, and most people were soso about it, one guy said ” well dunkin donuts has nothing to worry about”. A lot of people don’t like them. Can you buy the coffin of donuts there? 139.00 and you get 3 bakers dozen and a wood coffin that’s child size! Maple voodoo doll is my favorite. No custard filled though.

Michelle Harmon says:

I will love the coconut

doug rabbit says:

Vaping and Donut’s. Trevon and Chris you would love Canada 😉

cecilia white says:

i like the long john with they eyes and mouth lol

BH says:

Now I’m craving donuts.

Travelbug says:

Voodoo is good to try one time for the hype, but they’re really nothing special. Blue Star donuts are pretty good from Portland, Oregon, too. BUT, if you have the chance to go to Portland, Maine, you HAVE TO go to Holy Donuts. They’re made with mashed potatoes and the texture is amazing. Hands down best donuts I’ve ever had. Go early, they sell out.

Sunny Vdub says:

We’ve been going here for years and the bacon maple is the best one they have!

Heather Young says:

So glad Trevon and Chris is happy. Love is love 🙂

Jen P says:

Awww, your son is so good with your daughter. I don’t eat donuts but I would eat the chocolate cobweb one.

HorrorQueen says:

I cannot wait to try voodoo! Im getting the diablo bar, the pride bar, maple bacon, Portland cream and that Oreo peanut butter one
It sucks the F&F ride is lame. Why? They have the money and the tech to make it a nice ride so it sucks they didn’t

Cas says:

I’m not a fan of donuts, but I would try the grape one. And the captain crunch one.

Sam Attwell says:

Ohh I can’t wait for October 2019 I neeeed some of those doughnuts they look amazing

JollyHolidaywithMommy says:

1:11 My ❤️ is melting! Effortless sibling affection at its finest.

cecilia white says:

they all look so good

wasmorton says:

Would love to know what is your favorite vape juice.

Michelle Harmon says:

the cake ones are the best, All look Good

Matthew Francisco says:

I’m so loving the new channel. Chris and Trevon make me wanna show off my bf more. They are so sweet together

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