Voodoo Doughnuts ☆TOP SHELF DONUTS☆ Denver Food Review!!!

I’m at Voodoo Doughnuts in Denver, Colorado with a DOZEN of their MOST POPULAR Best Seller’s with their FRYER FLYER Assorted Dozen Donuts!

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Alquan says:

Way too much.

LegendofVII says:

Not a fan of the pentagram / theme but they look good

Cerise Min says:

Where are your favorite places to eat here in Denver?

James Stack says:


brianskodak says:

Is Eminem still Relevant in this world he hasn’t done anything in the Rap Game in a good while he is like he did his thing and was like no more rapping

Eric Weirath says:

got a Voodoo doughnuts here in Austin. haven’t been yet. its a 24 hour one too. i thought you were gonna stab yourself in the nose with the pretzel when you bit down on the voodoo man. close call. lol

woolfmaster11 says:

We missed you buddy! Big Time Doughnuts. Don’t have them in Mars Hill..

Ena Kalkan says:

Now I’m dying to go to this place. Looks amazing!

Ghetto Lisa says:

Ugh, I wish we had that where I live

jennifers8230 says:

How satanic and filthy. You people eating this garbage are just ingesting spells and curses into your system. God will not be mocked. Repent and turn away from this disgraceful example of food. Evil will not win!

brianskodak says:

You should Collaborate with Number six with Cheese they are Comedic Food Reviews that live in Chicago there names are Sean Ely and Corey Wagner

Kristen Harlin says:

Whomp whomp

Rountree1985 says:

ayy lmao

Modyssey says:

I wish you had just taken a couple of bites of each donut instead of eating 4 whole ones. that way you could have tasted them all and given your point review/opinion of each one. still liked the vid tho 😉

Little Bigman says:

They got these awesome giant glaze doughnuts ….I could slam two of those…but three ? That’s a bridge too far !

Larvitar Dratini says:

Blue M&Ms reduce your risk of certain kinds of Cancer

Jakeeboy 10 says:

So glad your back!

Silver says:

I heard about Voodoo donuts from watching Grimm.  I’m sorry but those donuts look sickeningly sweet.  I love m&m’s but that is like Overkill.  I give ’em a couple points for creativity but … XP

Tyrone Wiggins says:

First bite big bite!

916nando says:

The Memphis mafia is bomb as fuck! Pretty much an apple fritter drizzled with chocolate and some other stuff. I had one earlier this year when i went to Portland.

Sig Shooter says:


Strung Out says:

Why didn’t you review something like the KFC Zinger or the BK Steakhouse King? I’ve never even heard of this voodoo establishment.

drhamr says:

Welcome back, missed your videos.

XxRoyalSpadexX says:


brianskodak says:

I would do a Dozen Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme

SterrShow says:

no milk?

RedSonic Gaming says:

Love the donuts, hate the name

Muddy Blunts says:

I thought you where the guy from stepbrother lol

thirtyought says:

“Marshal Mathers. He’s no Post Malone.” SO MUCH RESPECT GAINED

Jake Smith says:

Maple bacon bar is the best

Joe Schmoe says:

I need this sooo much…….I’m from Detroit and we got good stuff but this this is just heaven.

The Buchanan Family says:

yes to a house tour 😀

Mozart Dopearzt says:

Looks like a pedophile spiral in their logo…?!

SuperNukinfuts says:

Thanks For The Review Nice Job

Košarkarska Zvezda says:

You talk to much… -_-‘ And there is really no reason to scream at the camera. Kinda reminds me of a car salesman XD

Spicoli P says:

they finally let you out of prison.

x_x_x_x_x HORATIO says:

your smile on the thumbnail made me click

Robert Myers says:

We went to Voodoo Doughnuts in August while we were in Denver. Well worth the trip downtown. Make sure you have cash as they don’t take credit cards, but they do have an ATM on site. Also, it’s next to a dispensary and do expect standing in line for a while. We got the No Name, Oh Captain, My Captain, Chuckles Doughnut, Pot Hole, Portland Cream, Voodoo Doll, Tex-Ass, Apple Fritter, Maple Blazer Blunt, Mexican Hot Chocolate(which was incredible), Triple Chocolate Penetration, Diablos Rex and Butterfingering. We also got the “Bucket o” Donuts” which was a bucket of donuts from that morning thrown into a bucket for $8.00. I HIGHly recommend them!

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