Warrens Bakery Bristol – 4KSugarGlazed and BabyBites Donuts Review

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Didn’t really enjoy these at all, but hopefully you guys enjoy seeing us try them all the same…

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Jon Smith says:

@5:26 – Warning – Contains dude in background slamming that like button!

Ash Pullen says:

Turps, talking about chocolate limes?

JDBD says:

Who is this ‘Turps’ that BabyBites keeps talking about?

Jacob Holsworth says:

I’m waiting for the day that 4kSugarGlazed becomes so popular that people approach him whilst he’s doing reviews and join in!

Charlie Foxtrot says:


Colin Hexr says:

So they do throw away the half eaten donuts… what a waste D:

Nate ST says:

Lewis is so unprofessional in the doughnut review business. So sad

Ice Daemon says:

Nice review.

Twiiddiix says:

Turps, do you ever change your shirt? Or is that your donut review shirt. Lol

Ballin Balgruuf says:

1:09 TWO GIGANTIC PASTIES ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

MrJ0lly says:

how can you call yourself 4ksugarglazed if it’s not done on a massive 4k camera?

Ironicalls Wizz says:

1:40 did 4KSugarGlazed mean an after 8

Joseph Sweeney says:

I can’t believe he threw donuts away

robotword says:

turps I also have a scab on my lip, surprisingly similar to yours. we can be lip scab bros, can i come on the stream some time 😉

HeavenHammer says:

lol ive had their doughnuts, they were not good. low quality but expensive :p

ScorchioBaggins says:

Baby bites – fast perfect name change mid video. Turps you genius.


Such quality donut review guides!

Chris Norris says:

Those chocolate limey things were literally called ‘Chocolate Limes’.

Valtra Kernow says:

Dont you ever say warrens is home of the pasty again. Warrens are the worst pasties you can get that are “cornish”.

Valtra Kernow says:

Dont you ever say warrens is home of the pasty again. Warrens are the worst pasties you can get that are “cornish”.

JCBeastie says:

Not seen those in my local Warrens! I usually go for their Caramel Donut, it’s a sort of toffee glaze with fresh cream in the middle. They’re easily the best donut I can get in my shitey town. 😛

MysticJhn says:

What a shame, because they did look really nice.

Ste Foster says:

not even a donut

Blackrain7070 says:

Raspberry might kill Lewis? Is he allergic to just being outside in general what the fuck

Sammo Lamanno says:

The bit of chocolate on Turps’ upper lip is my spirit animal.

BatChicken1 says:

Is Lewis allergic to raspberries?

Tony Stark says:

Pretty cool how youre getting different people on the show 4KSugarGlazed, but you gotta be careful when crossing the roads, who knows where the bristol pusher could be.

Shawn Vasilev says:


Tyler Grommesh says:

4KSugarGlazed but we get 1080p…

fewchie says:

I’d love to eat that many donuts without getting heartburn

Justin Myles says:

Everyone in the background just gives the dirtiest look to the camera lol

AndySavonia says:

Lewis looking sickly.

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