Will McDonald’s NEW Donut Sticks Get Us To Mars?

In early February McDonald’s added Donut Sticks to their breakfast lineup. I decided to wake up early today and try them out, how do they compare with other fast food breakfast items?

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Michael Edwards says:

John, not alone they will but maybe when paired with a egg mcmuffin

Andy Albritton says:

“Just call it maple syrup”

*Canadians have joined the chat*

dit dot says:


Ashley Sudduth says:

Donut stick satchel

HH BbN says:

the captions are amazing for this video

100 subs no video? says:

Oh man i know this is gonna be worth it

NessMasterGengar! ! says:

Recording yourself eating McDonald’s in a suit in the car, like a boss!

Jack Vegetables says:

Has anyone ever told you that you look like sheldon from the big bang theory

i need meds k says:

My kinda asmr

DEKO442 says:

Wanna quick mi raza out but just mocks our churros and no the syrup don’t go with it

Ana Migrey says:

Your nails scare me

MaximilianMus Soldier says:

8:16 When I saw the birds behind him I knew he lives in heaven

MAGA Hat says:

You got “what we do in the shadows” hands

Rae says:

Did you notice there was a piece of hair on your food. The first one you showed close up?

kdog773 says:

There was hair on the doughnut stick

mousab525 says:

Nice vid love it!

mog dor says:

I bought some donut sticks this morning for the first time. Instant addiction, these things are even better than Krispy Kreme.

MR. BLueITAChi says:

u look younger than my 10 yr old bro

SSJ Bouncy says:

Is no one going to mention his fingernails

Jenn Zangl says:

I wonder if that hotcakes syrup is available in Vermont. We have a law where they have to give you real maple syrup and not the corn-syrup stuff if the menu says maple syrup.

Isaac Hann says:

“The Donut Stick Satchel”

Daniel serebour says:


Tomservo3 says:

When you smile, all the world’s problems disappear.

Pepsi Dog says:

Seems like a churro but ok

Le Savage says:

Looks like a cheaper version of Auntie Ann’s cinnamon sticks.. drop a like if you love Auntie Ann’s too

Cheezus Christ says:

Go to Joey’s World Tour and read the comments without dying of laughter

I dare you

Nicholas Lopez says:

Damn bro when did u break a million subs. That was fast.

keanu carson says:

Anyone else think it’s about time RB made it onto a syndicated network like Vice? His content is consistently outstanding with his minimal editing- imagine how much a seasoned team of editors could elevate his sense of humor and positive demeanor? As for the show’s content- it couldn’t be just another F*ck That’s Delicious of course, but perhaps RB could become the Bourdain (RIP) of fast food around the world, showing us items that we’d never get to see otherwise? Occasionally delving into behind the scenes corporate HQ menu creation, or little known trivia facts about different brands?


Josh Payne says:

That suit is super clean!

One Dixie Cup Just For You says:

Reviewbrah goes to space: episode 1

10 David says:

*Diabetes has entered the chat*

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