Winchell’s Cronas Donut Review

Today, The Food Snot and his lovely wife Renae review Winchell’s glazed croissant/doughnuts called Cronas. Another food review for you. Got Roku? You can check out Tom Cote’s 2 Roku channels: “FOOD SNOT” and “PUGS”. Need to contact Tom Cote:



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FYI: Tom Cote is pronounced Tom Cody 😉

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Winchell’s Donut House Information:

Winchell’s Donuts is an international doughnut company founded by Verne Winchell on October 8, 1948, in Temple City, California. As of 2006, there are over 170 stores in 12 western states, as well as Guam, Saipan, and Saudi Arabia. Several stores also operated in Nagoya, Japan in the past, with most stores located inside the Uny supermarkets, as Uny Co., Ltd. was the master franchise holder in Japan. It is headquartered in City of Industry, California.

The chain’s slogan is “Home of the Warm ‘n Fresh Donut,” and it claims to be the West Coast’s largest doughnut chain. It also offers its customers a 14-doughnut dozen, as opposed to the standard baker’s dozen of 13. Winchell’s makes over 70 varieties of doughnuts, including raised doughnuts, cake doughnuts, buttermilk doughnuts, twists, and jelly doughnuts. Other baked products include croissants, cinnamon rolls, bagels, muffins, and scones. No animal fat is used either as an ingredient or for cooking their fried dough products. A large beverage selection is also available at each location, which includes a house blend of coffee made from dark roasted Arabica beans. Hot and frozen cappuccinos, orange and apple juice, milk, tea, and soda are also available.

Winchells was previously owned by Denny’s, the large restaurant chain. In 2004, Winchell’s was purchased by Yum-Yum Donuts, a company which operates 70 donut shops under its own name, but continues to operate Winchell’s shops under their historic name.


Michele Barton Thomas says:

once again… we used to have Winchells when I was a kid. They are long gone from the Chicago area now. 🙁

kitty friend says:

for me ….. croissants> donuts. ……im sure i’d really like these!

Eliza says:

They look delightful and delicious.
Who doesn’t love donuts…


You’re such a bad influence on my eating habits. Now I just want a box a donuts. LOL

Liam's LunchBox says:

IM DOING A REVIEW ON THIS PLACE ! hahah its actually on my list to do!! Isnt this the same thing as Yum Yums donuts?!?! and DUDE Crossiants are the shit!! ur crazy! lol I love Cronuts!! U saw my review of these right? overall great review!

FunFoods says:

I love cronuts. Never tried that brand.

rona rona home cooking channel says:

Yummy it’s look all nice, but my favorite is dunken donuts

jjjoebloe777 says:

When you said “So long” your fingers didn’t make that sound? Why did’t your fingers make that sound?


I live in sandy Oregon I’ve been to that place in Portland! Small world !

John Puppet Man Ivana fan Watson says:

How about reviewing chocolate covered cherry flavored Hershey Kisses.?

Charles Winthrop says:

Crossing my fingers for the hair! We need daily updates and a live webcam feed of it!

albrenza says:

Fabulous tasting and looking perhaps, but i never worry about donuts though, again not a fan of donuts 😛

Woggy Flush says:

I would eat them!

aaronimpactnz says:

Is your wife okay?

yllekr123 says:

I have never heard of them here in the Midwest.  How is the coffee there at Winchells?

The homeschool family Northern Ireland says:

excellent video my friend,theres a thumbs up for you,i hope to see you at our channel again soon,to watch our latest video, many thanks,and much love,

Food Central TV says:

i am…getting very sleepy…lol
these look so good! i need one now!!

AllenGraph says:

I like my donuts to wear sexy underwear

Life Adventure W.A. says:

looks delicious ! 🙂

Walter Apa says:

Very good Tom !

Beatles❤Girl says:

Every time I finish a donut I always say “Why did I eat that” ~ but it never stops me!

Video Perfection says:

You are in every days drops comment section lol

sclogse1 says:

Winchell’s predates Denny’s. I believe. I took a friend the night before she had some abdominal surgery to a real high end joint in S.F. (when my elephants could still fly) and it was a truly unforgettable dinner. (the kind of place that brings you little things between courses that you had no idea were coming) But we both ordered donut holes for dessert. Filled with passion fruit. Made to order. Well, I think we both went blind that night. I have never had a better dessert ever, and this town ain’t exactly short on ’em. The place was called 5th Floor, in a Hotel . We both wanted to steal their insignia plates….

richfrid says:

I assume the follow up review will be the Tums.
Slick review my pug comrade.

hysonly says:

Yummm Donuts yummm Donuts and more yummm 🙂

theendorsement says:

“I’m a little donut” ~ lol great job on these you 2 – so how long did you sign the actress to play Renae? We ALL know your REAL wife is Renee Zelwigger! ~ #showmethemoney ‘_ I was disappointed inb the CRONUT at DD so was interesting to see the take on these.. That is all ~

Austin Casey says:

Okay, so basically they’re glazed croissants. Lol Sounds kind of good but I don’t think we have Winchells here in Oregon anymore, at least not Portland. I remember we had several when I was a kid but they were replaced a few years ago by “Heavenly Donuts”. Winchells might just be a Cal and SW thing now. :/

Doughnut Knight says:

Made a review just for me. 😀 Thanks Baldy!!

Stop That Animation says:

hey guys. it’s jeff here from livingpoor. we are now subbed here too

ImTheDaveman says:

Tom I have a great idea on the Cronas Donut. To avoid the Croissant taste – just take a bite, suck all the sugary goodness off that sucker and spit the rest out. Problem solved. Its a great work around. AND its a manly thing to do. Only when you spit it out – make that loud “PLUYAH” sound as you spit out. Renae can do that too – BUT – to keep it lady like she has to hold the donut with her little finger extended and make a slight “phitew” sound when spitting it out. Just sayin’. OH! and Good luck on the hair. ;-D

eatonjohnrobert says:

Please don’t eat the entire thing,…no,…wait,…ughhh,…now I don’t feel well.

jjjoebloe777 says:

No material thing I have experienced is as good as Krispy Kreme

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