Yogs on Tour – PDX – Bus Stop Donut Review

Now that we got that gaming stuff out of the way we can do what you all have been waiting for, eat some donuts on a bus stop and try to capture the sensation of it all in 4K. Featuring guest channel Donut

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Heal Please Heal says:

“Heart attack” – yup, that’s what I would call that box

Ry Hartley says:

Omg.. I love the donuts, man xDD

teitr28 says:

“Heart attack creampie” XD

Fuss says:

Sjin <3 <3 <3

Donut Dude HD says:

I apologize for my bad form on that bite, totally missing the filling. Total schoolboy error. I’m a little disappointed he didn’t edit it out… but hey, we all make mistakes, right?

Lol Mwa was toch al klaar mee says:

Sjin is rocking that Watch Dogs Aiden cosplay nicely

Jophime says:

I could watch Sjin eat donuts all day.

Dead Meme says:

its nice of turps to share his donuts with that homeless man

Nil says:

wtf did Turps call the napkins?

lindo pepping says:

you gotta divide the euro amount by 11, so about 50 euros

HappyPlanker says:

Turps you don’t give people time to talk

CrackySmoker says:

Sips and Turps = Golden age

William Waite says:

Oh my god, sjin is so cute xd

Vanessa Weir says:


SwedenTheHedgehog says:

OMFG, they were in Sweden when I was on vacation TT_TT

Nicholas O says:

Donuts are best after you microwave them for 7-10sec!

Angels Advice 1224 says:

Did Ben and Duncan really just get off the bus and see Turps and Sjin eating donuts? XD

Dr.Pyro says:

5:40 what a scam, the donuts i buy only cost me 8 krowns. what a jump in price for some glossy donut drawings.

Hemmy C says:

I realize this came out a while ago, but it still made my day. thanks guys!

Kim Li says:

aaaaaawwww *sad face* you didn’t try out MAX v.v)

Elliott Pittam says:

Sips reminds me of Wladimir Klitschko

Fettman07 says:

KrispyKreme > Dunkin Donuts

Johnny Natrium says:

18:29 Sjin pretending he’s not used to deepthroating.

Danny Benjafield says:

Leaked Primaris Space Marines!

Friedlizard says:

14:44 I have a dirty mind…

DanThaMan says:

whens Yogscast new office tour 😀 <3

jaaki94 says:

That robe was not even close to 300 quid o.O something closer to like 50

CrazySteve113 says:

I know they’re taking the piss, but that 911 was pretty sexy.

craniumbear says:

mmmm doughnuts.

Joey says:

Turps can really pack em away.

James J says:

damn, Duncan is such a savage donut eater. First one he squeezes it and the second one he just straight up tears that sweet little guy in half.

Amald Schneider says:

Sjin is like the guy from watch dog

MrDisgruntledGamer1 says:

5:35, are those… walmart themed donuts?? isnt that the walmart logo?

berdonburns says:

I thought Sips was a vegetarian?


When did we suddenly stop using the correct spelling of Doughnuts then?

Tide says:

So hungry for donuts!

xray606 says:

Before I eat my food, I always try to set it down on a bus bench, that people have been farting on for the last 20 years. Mmmm

Stephen Burden says:

Atlantis 5.35

JadeeeGirly says:

lewis is looking super good in this vid

Gaj B says:

Those Doughnuts look horrible.

J. B. says:

Spoiler. Most of this video is Turps proving, yet again, that he can’t eat very many donuts.

Zumwar says:

I literally just tried to google schpeldismechen……..

Johnny Natrium says:

Turps is a lucky man to be so energetic, with the amount of utter garbage that he shoves into his mouth lol. I sense diabetes in his future.

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