☆GENERAL TSO’S CHICKEN☆ Local Chinese Joint!!!

I stopped by my favorite *LOCAL* Chinese Joint and ordered up my favorite dish! General Tso’s Chicken! What’s your favorite thing to get from your LOCAL Chinese Joint!?!

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Restaurant Info:
Great Wall Chinese
189 Railroad Ave.
Rutherfordton, NC USA 28139


G Ry says:

Keep up the reviews man

english sunset says:

Whoa, from N. C. To Colorado……talk about culture shock!

rayshawn howard says:

What I like to get for my Chinese restaurant is vegetable fried rice with some boneless chicken with some barbecue sauce on top with a egg roll and a can of Sprite or ginger ale

Deborah Newman says:

My favorite place offers alot of food for their $4.00 plate I like General Tso’s and I like walnut shrimp. I usually buy myself one of each and put 1/2 General Tso’s and 1/2 Shrimp in each one. I make several meals out of it.

payshuntz 1 says:

thats a lot of food for 5 dollars. what the heck that is 5 dollars worth of material for 5 dollars how do they even profit money.

FTMining147 says:

I go the great wall, Stow Ohio Great wall next to the PC Repair store and gino’s pizza on S Main St, I get General Tso Chicken with Pork fired rice w/ Wongtong soup, and damn it’s good, I’m actually getting some again today!

AllNamesTaken says:

my favorite thing to get from my local chinese place is to get lo mien with geteral TSO’S chicken. even saying or typing it makes my mouth water

Jackie Lane says:

that looks good

Vault 703 Overseer says:

I like Genereal Tso’s chicken too, but let’s be honest. We like it because it’s basically candied chicken.

312vandal says:

What? John c rielly?

Ed Reid says:

The Chinese lunch specials have gone downhill in NYC…. The cost about $7 now, and the now they’re using containers that hold half the amount….such a rip off here….

Bertrand Zackery says:

Dude, it is cheap, five dollars can’t buy shit in my town

Seafuh says:

hello Mr. wolverine

Archie says:

good review
looked good

Jaytee1o4 says:

I love boneless ribs with pork fried rice

Paul Michael says:

You look like John C. Reiley

David Way says:


Lewis D says:

lol wtf is broccoli and cabbage doing in your rice xO

ritamix33 says:

We know what the chicken is……just shut up and eat

Jacob Parody says:

yo this guy is good at reviewing

LS says:

That hot sauce is usually just Sambal Oelek, which is not really spicy.

Barry McCaulkiner says:

Holy fuckin cringe

jupiter jazz says:

you know if you order off the chefs menu you get actual good pieces of chicken. the lunch menu is all the scraps.

MakeUFumble says:

1,500 calories

TV菲与恩 says:

we just did a 10 dishes food review on chinese food as well. if you got the time, pls come over and watch us 🙂

Mac Hawkins says:

Atleast he isn’t like joey

FollowerOfJesus 101 says:

Definitely my favorite Chinese dish, it’s so good

auxcord says:

omg. soo much grease!

Lauren Rose says:

LMAO did Justin just bow at the end of the review!?! I’m offended….. Lol lol

the gaming hd says:

nice food review man I sub to u

myhotdawg says:

this looks so good my mouth is watering. I like spicy garlic chicken as well!!

JohnDavid says:

My Favorite is Singapore Street Noodles

TheRivrPrncess says:

Favorite Chinese dish: Chicken Lo Mein. Good review.

Anjali R says:

Mm.. nice chicken..crispy.. fried..peppers.. those nice peppers.. oh man.. crispy.. fried.. glaze.. those nice peppers.. glaze.

Vincent Vega says:

dude you live like an hour away from me wow small world

Josopp says:

That cost 9 dollars where i live

JӦYの貓 says:

That price though…

Spicoli P says:

the fried rice needs to be dry, that don’t look official.

Johnathan Ryan says:

my favorite thing 2 eat at a Chinese joint is peanut butter chicken

Jake Black says:

bro u live like 30 mins away from me . .. i like your reviews

Nathan Moretz says:

i used to go there all the time lol

Iron Fist says:

Stop it!!!!!!

doza6604 says:

teriyaki chicken & shrimp with mixed veggies ( cabbage, broccoli, & carrots ) with white rice.

DefChef says:

Justin, Great Video! General Tso’s chicken is my all time favorite too. You’re a awesome guy too!

Billy Cheng says:

once in a while is ok..but theres literally 3 ozs of sugar in that gen tsos…if u reduce the sugar it tastes like crap. we’re basically eatin lots of sugar, so once in a while is ok.

C L says:

I am a fucking vegetarian. But, after seeing this, I will eat what you are eating now.

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