10,000 Calorie Fast Food Challenge | Wicked Cheat Day #54

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alxcol says:

it astounds me everytime you order a bunch of stuff and its like “$15.40” … australian fast food is still incredibly expensive lol

Ximena Ruiz says:

New Suby!! Kinda weird, but I can’t be the OnLy one who thinks he looks EXACTLY like a mix between Joe Jonas, and Nick Jonas. Who else sees it too? Btw obsessed with you’re videos. Been binge watching each and every video up to now, and it’s currently 4am.

Alexandria Johnson says:

I played the 20:05 back twice I had to make sure I heard that right! You and your girlfriend should do a video together!

sunbum96 says:

The way you say snickers has me wishing I was a snickers bar…

lovely fox says:

I love Reese’s peanut butter cups but can’t have peanuts anymore. I developed an allergy a few years ago 🙁 but the snickers almond butter squares are sooooo good!

HANNER says:

NNIICCKKK, i Can’t “WOAH… DAMN” when you eat the French toast stickss, those are my favorite. But I have to fast, I’m jealous. I love you ❤️

Red and Silver Games says:

Sweetened or unsweetened cashew milk?

Literally Shaking says:

Everytime nick says snickers, I panick a little. Snickas O.O… bar. Oh ya, the candy.

Goddess Divine says:

Now I’m curious about the cheesy gordita crunch. Honestly being Mexican and living in LA, I don’t even look at Taco Bell but many people seem to say great things about that gordita crunch.

Gia Delarosa says:

You’re positive attitude makes your videos 100x better!!!

Tanya Mack says:

Please stop the close ups…they’re making me dizzy…focus is so blurry! I love u tho lol

Kelly Lai says:

One of the twins!?!??!

Kittycat girl12 says:

20.05 fangirls crying XD

Natalia Fesczenko says:

Try the sonic breakfast toasters and in texas they have a breakfast taco/burrito really good, not sure if they have it in your area….Cranberry limeade is bomb too

Stacy King says:


sunbum96 says:

“Let’s try it with a little ketchup” USES THE WHOLE PACKET…I’m in love

dariakr says:

It is Kendra..we know.. XD Or Kathryn..not sure who is who lol

Kittycat girl12 says:

i cant choose between reeses and sneakers bc we dont have reeses here :’)

lovely fox says:

Also, how’s your ankle?

Damisha Charles says:

14:15 did he just eat a piece of the ketchup packet ?

Kate Langmead says:

It triggers me when people eat Icecream like thAt

Jarhead117 says:

Okay Dora the explorer just tell us what we didn’t see.

MatchMyFreshness says:

I guess that Twix is your fav candy bar!! If not Twix… then Snickers?

sweetangiegirl1 says:

I’ve been trying to figure out who Nick reminds me of. Nyle DiMarco!! They could be brothers.

jillian m says:

cmon i can’t be the only one who thinks he looks like jackson from grey’s anatomy

Goddess Divine says:

Reese’s all the way

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