7 Eleven Steak & Black Bean Chimichanga FOOD REVIEW 🌯 #FastFood

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“Happy Boy End Theme” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Mik C-worth says:

Nice haircut and review, good sir. Btw would love to see a review on the aloe vera drink (usually found in the international aisle in the grocery stores). Have a good one

Senator Palpatine says:

am not a real black bean fan i do like fried chicken

Scott Thompson says:

was the black bean chimincha good Tony

Queen Vexus says:

hey Tony how was your new year

PatsCelticsFan says:

What kind of rating would Trump of given it?? Sorry I couldn’t resist Go Trump 2017

David Jr says:

Happy New Year !

It's Only Food w/Chef John Politte says:

Rice rice baby

AubergeApero says:

Happy new year Tony

Daw TV Food Reviews says:

Nice review!! We don’t have 7 eleven here where I live in Australia – it seems pretty “pick up and flee” lol if you know what I mean! Check out our new food review channel and don’t forget to sub if you like!!

Nathan Justice says:

So Vancouver is on the WA/Oregon border?

PureIrish77 says:

Love this Nerd!

SuperNukinfuts says:

Looks like one of those “Rocket Scientists” in the factory squished it before you could eat it……

kornetbeef says:

Happy New Year!!! I a bit disapoint that u don’t go barefoot in house (almost certain u that kind of guy) 🙂 , but I glad u look good in the hair cut. 🙂

James Mahla says:

Looks like hell

Eric Perich says:

I never tried a chimichanga, so I’ll get one. Thanks for the review!

scottmthw says:

Happy New Year you little rascal

Victor Mcneal says:

awesome bro

Vintage Invincible says:

Great vid

Brendan Flannigan says:

Hi Tony! Happy new year!

Critical Eats Japan says:

Yeah!  I like how they feel it necessary to reassure you of the ingredients 😉 Hope your 2017 rocks and is filled with more than just beans and rice!

Michelle Tapia says:

OH MY GODDDD THE OLD ONE IS GONE. IT WAS THE BEST. I tried the chicken one today and I WAS SO disappointed…

BenjaminGessel says:

Chimichangas over burritos. 🙂

inputfunny says:

Made with real black beans and rice. What about the steak though? Lol.

John Payne says:

Happy New Year Tony !

BiteAndChewFoodReview says:

“Made with real black beans and rice”
as opposed to what?!?
Great video Tony!

Supermonkey 1964 says:

Not a fan of Black Beans myself. Would rather have Steak N Cheese or just plain Steak. 🙂

Tomadachi Life Girl 101 says:

What’s the worst thing you had from 7-11?

Senator Palpatine says:

have you or would you ever do a jelly bean boozled challenge and if u do dont just do a few get a friend or something and each get a box and do whole thing. or bertie bots harry potter jelly beans

Rami Al Ahmad says:

happy new year bro, btw, our country ain’t so big on mexican food but i did try taco bell one time when i was in dubai….on a lighter note, each time i hear chimichanga, all i can think about is Deadpool and that weird movie of Ben stiller and Deniro, i think ”meet the fockers” where the hot latin mom always makes them :p

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