7-ELEVEN vs. SPEEDWAY! – The Whole Menu! Fast Food Taste Test

7-ELEVEN vs. SPEEDWAY! – The Whole Menu! Fast Food Taste Test
i’m here with another fast food competition y’all but this time it’s a little different! it’s 7-eleven vs. speedway food! and it was so much fun lol 7 eleven has iconic fast food, but speedway is also really good. stay tuned to see who wins! let me know if you guys liked this fast food competition video! and tell me what other restaurants you want me to review! i love speedway and 7-eleven, and i think today’s video showed that both of them have great food but one was a little better. some of the items i compared were pizza, nachos, burgers, taquitos, and a bunch of other things! what’s your favorite 7-eleven item? thank you guys for watching my food review!


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sydney faye says:

Race track has pizza to die for but i thunk we only have it in the South

Peter T says:

Why in the fuck did YouTube think I should watch this twat

Alex Van Pelt says:

Your gay

Ruth Lewin says:

You really need to find a Sheetz and try their food ten times better than 711

Rainbow Queen Megan says:

My Speedway sucks. Its not a full Speedway. The only hot food we have are the things in the hot dog roller machine. I wish we had more.

Taizha l says:

I’ve never heard of Speedway in my life. It would have been more interesting if you did Qt or Circle K verses 7 Eleven. Still a good video though

cuteasajooliebug says:

At the speedway up here everything is cooked to order.

Lily Naylor says:


Jesse Guy says:

Man needs to calm down to gay

Esteban Rangel says:

Omg you are so fucking annoying

mage arts says:

Omg he reminds me of shane dawson espically with the shirt and eating habits

Mint Lean says:

Why do u have to be apart of the human species I wanna be an animal now cringyyyyyyy

mage arts says:

The foood battle

Lindsey Marie says:

Im not a pepperoni person, but if its the small diced peace’s on a pizza I would eat it lol. Btw loving the new videos xo

Kate Becker says:

i love your videos!!!

betterversionn says:

These are so fun!

Dave LaBadie says:

Hahaha!! You’re so hilarious!!!!!! I think I’m going to cry laughing so hard. I think the last time I ate 7 11 menu we were out hanging on main drag, someone dared me to eat every item. Yeah it didn’t go over well, I didn’t win. So win bud!! Thanks for your videos and making me laugh

Monbebean :3 says:

That speedway empanada looked so sad lol

bunnie bacardi says:

Za Za Zaddy I’m ready

Bryce Thompson says:

7:07 Me

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