Arby’s NEW! ☆BACON BEEF ‘N CHEDDAR☆ Food Review!!!

NEW! Arby’s® ☆BACON BEEF ‘N CHEDDAR☆ Sandwich! Now available for a LIMITED TIME! Thinly sliced roast beef with pepper bacon, warm cheddar cheese sauce, and red ranch sauce served on a toasted onion roll. Because the best way to make a new classic is to put bacon on an old classic. Look for the 2 for $6 campaign on these sandwiches for the best deal! Hurry! These won’t be around forever!


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Anthony Trent says:

I think maybe 2 for $4. Haven’t been to Arby’s in a while.

Brett N says:

that sammich stood no chance

Scuba Mike says:

You saying it expected to stay G rated, made it not G rated. LOL liked

Dontrell Hardwick says:

I always get the Beef and Cheddar Max on a Seasame Seed Bun I don’t like the Onion Roll but I love the Arby’s Sauce I can honestly say I never had nor is interested in trying the Horsey Sauce….Nice Review Big Bite.

Albert Wesker says:

First time I went through they gave me almost no cheese and once chopped up slice of bacon 🙁

CJ Cutter says:

My go to at Arby’s!

Seymour Butts says:

Diet soda is worse than regular soda. When are people going to figure that out.


I need to head over to arby’s

Dave LaBadie says:

I have never tried the horsey sauce, do you recommend I try it? Thank you if you’ll let me know, I will go and get me one and try it with the horsey sauce. I used to order it with extra cheddar cheese. Yum bud, I will wait to hear what you say. Thank you again!!

Spider Rico says:

They had these in Chicago for months- just never advertised.

dttheemperor says:

Justin putting on them lbs.

TonySchulte says:

I’ve got the red ranch b4, but it only happened once at an out of town arbys.

Michael K says:

Double beef for the real big bite

Dank Strain says:

I haven’t watched the video yet. But I can hear your voice ” Arbys NEW bacon BEEF and CHEDDAR”

Miles Niedringhaus says:

Thick, black, but still G rated

Nick Maldonado says:

There’s something about a food review video where the food establishment building logo is perfectly centered in frame. I never thought about it until now, but you’re right Arby’s Meats must be microwaved or reheated, the last time I ate there I had the bourbon triple stack and I noticed it was very dry. Very good but very dry

Tempest Fury says:

I really don’t like the red ranch sauce. But a 1:1 ratio of Arby’s sauce and Horsey sauce is simply amazing.

Steve Celestino says:

I got a 2 for 6 of these yesterday myself and came home to find this video! I love arbys and the beef and cheddar. All in all, just a beef and cheddar with a couple of decent slices of bacon in it. Good but nothing special.

Aleksandar Petrovic says:

That is apsolut good sandwich!

lucas mcquillan says:

Just got out of the hospital I was in there for a month because of my lungs but the first thing I did as watched all your videos keep up the good work man

cyoohoos says:

I’m a fan of the regular roast beef with the Arby’s sauce.

irishcoliny says:

What is red ranch sauce?

Justin Frazier says:

That’s a amazing beef and cheddar sandwich!

urzamtg says:

I had to come back and rewatch that LBBB. my friend, that bite was EPIC

alan smith says:


Laura Murphy says:

Lord Lord your going to choke please….please be careful

MonsterChoon says:



This is beef so yummy and juicy.

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