Arby’s NEW! ☆FIVE MEAT MEGA STACK☆! Pepper bacon, smoked ham, roast turkey, roast beef, and chicken filet. Topped with mayo, cheddar cheese, tomato, and shredded lettuce on a star-cross bun. That’s almost every meat all on one giant sandwich! It’s the MEAT MOUNTAIN Junior! BIG BITE!!!

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zakelwe says:

Excellent vid as always, the last big bite the best yet though my wife worried about your clothes 😀

kurtis Taylor says:

looks so good

Gah Damn says:

This dude eat like a monkey with down syndrome

Eleni Chatzikyriakou says:

C’mon this man has to have more subs!! Also I love how polite you are with people!

Yankees1215 NJ says:

Your starting to act faker and faker like joeys would tour/ act yourself man

SandmanFightingSys says:

First time I have seen you almost bite off more than you could chew, I love this sandwich but my only point of criticism is that the cheese gets lost in the flavors of the meat. At least the one I ate. I would like for Arby’s to accompany each layer of meat with a layer of cheese.


Hey,I feel so yummy,you making me hungry.

Hamada2u says:

Have you ever taken a bite so big you just couldn’t handle it my dude lmao Jesus that was a MEGA bite

Terror Knights says:

That’s the most beautiful sandwich I’ve ever seen

kikkelO_O says:


dramatic_ eyesgloz says:

Its so yummmmmmmy

Bacon hair Squad says:

Why does he look like the guy from the new homes and Watson

lilskipit says:

Awesome review! Gotta try this. That is one crazy big bite by the way!!!!!

Belxch says:

Looks Delicious

Oscilla Williams says:

1st time commenting ever, I believe!!! Although been watching you for a year,? Ok well maybe 3rd time !!! I think you’re awesome!!!

TheCanadianSnipez says:

Looks legit

Reid Harris says:

Try the double bacon smokehouse at McDonald’s

Donald Thaxton says:

Great review

cathy cahoe says:

Take smaller bites you might choke

Joey's #1 Muchacho says:

I’m gonna make a mega meat stack with Joey and Bob! WOO WOO WOO WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!

indubitably righteous says:

looks dry af

Chris M. says:

Very nice

Pancake Lizard says:

I so wish Arby’s would come to Australia!

bigj2637 says:

This thing is a total 10, its on fire. I heard you have to ask for the meat mountain and its 10-12 dollars.

Sig Shooter says:

I think with all the meat variety you get with this one the price is tolerable

Arun James says:

he loves his meats

jim80NES says:

they’ve got the meats…but not the locations ; /

SuperBoomshack says:

The picture reminds me of my ex wife’s pussy

Sub2 Luntz SGN says:

Bbbbb Big Bite!!!

VizionFitness says:

Love the channel! I heard you mention you were looking to lose some weight in 2019. Just throwing this out there, but I eat fast food on the daily and Jiu Jitsu makes it nearly impossible to gain weight when I try to. You should come check out the place I train at here in Denver, its called Nova Mente Academy and has a gym as well.

kruff39 says:

I think I’m going to try this!


God bless your family and all the best and happy new year

jaybooti dawg says:

John C Reilly does food reviews?!?!

Benjamin Niêm says:

Wish we had Arby’s in France!
7$ is worth it!!

Zac Mrkle says:

How sad is it that we live in a society that encourages obese people to talk / scream to themselves alone in a car and slowly kill themselves. It really is a shame.

Vlog King says:

Keep BIG BITING brother !! And keep making awesome videos Justin

William Dixon says:

you got to use Arby’s sauce when you go to Arby’s

Colin S says:

What?? That is a good looking sandwich. Love your posts.

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