Are Burger King’s Pretzel Chicken Fries Any Good?

Today I review the new Pretzel Chicken Fries from Burger King and share a few thoughts on the passing of Anthony Bourdain.



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Saoirse Ryan says:

John’s videos are so relaxing that I fell asleep to his 1 million blowout video ♥

Fatality Films says:

“I am saddened to say your grandmother is more likely to stop before my videos do” -ReportOfTheWeek 2018

ltecns says:

Oh shit you’re actually chewing your food now

RadioHamGuy says:

I am a short wave radio listener, sounds interesting, just new to your channel, saw a mention of your channel here in a radio magazine I am subbed to called The Spectrum Monitor.

Doghaircrasher says:

I have no idea why I watch these videos, but I do. And I like them. And I don’t know why. I should go to bed, but NOOOOO…reviewbrahhhh….let’s stay awake for another 20 minutes and contemplate something I’ll probably never eat anyway.

77MADEWELL says:

Have you reviewed an Arbys Gyro?

Natas Liah says:

I just come from a Kali muscle cooking video and the contrast is about to be epic

Amorgun1990 says:

I am digging this channel

BoBwire Neo Zulu says:

you should of gotten a spicy mustard dip, mustard and pretzels, a classic combination

elmagnificodep says:

They demand $15 per hour, but don’t even know what they have for promotional items.

Carter Reeves says:

“I don’t know if that’s a veiled threat or not” –Reviewbrah, regarding the marketing choices of BurgerKing

Carmello Long says:

This man can have sex with Kim Kardashian and review the sex he had while laying next to her.

TWHyj87 Po985g0 says:


blaze 17 says:

cross section? binging with babish?

Geoff Blundell says:

Reviewbrah strikes me as the marmalde type.

bender445 says:

i love you little guy keep it up

The Mike Saunders Project says:

He parts his hair with a bandsaw

Lance says:

you mean pancake king? |edit| nvm they changed them shits back

HurricaneHomer9 says:

“This instead is definitely is more *THICC* .”

FenderStrat7 says:

I take issue with your sauce selection. Honey Mustard would have made the most sense. It pairs with chicken fingers and pretzels. Still love you dough brah.

Darrell Baisley says:

Anthony Bourdain would roll over in his grave knowing his name is mentioned in the same post as Burger King…but carry on brave knight

IFacePalmParadoxI says:

You gonna review IHOB ( temporarily-formerly IHOP)?

scott junior says:

He’s eating his own fingers. Pretzel fingers. Lol

Badbob9nine2 says:

Your the man bro awsome reveiw

-i says:

Preach my Messiah

What's my name? says:

That stuff was released ages ago in Australia (Hungry Jacks). It even has the same box.

Thomas Huynh says:

This man god

t h says:

*pancake king

Callie Leigh says:

EEK!! ReviewBrah got jipped! There’s supposed to be 9 chicken fries! He only has 8!!

Remy Mafia says:

3:37 Are we just gonna ignore that slight malfunction?

Cars Uncovered says:

Why do I get the feeling this kid has a burger locked up in a cage in his basement

deanna21able says:

If Sheldon had a youtube channel…

Quintin Groves says:

Good content Q food reviews god bless

Shannon Bee says:

You should do a video of what food you would normally eat in a day

T Gill says:

Chicken Fries Saga

DeAndre Holland says:

Eating in suit.. smh lol classic

GodOfPopTarts says:

“Burger King…sigh.” Preach, brother.

Jeremy Shoup says:

does anyone know what the lowest rating he ever gave was? and what product it was?

L Billy says:

Killing it with that (neck)tie.

Jared Smith says:

love the respect for tony

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

I am seeking comments from radio listeners in Western Europe regarding the possibility of resuming a direct radio service to the area. Check out the newest show at: and send feedback to

Mead Light says:

I think Honey Mustard would have been the sauce of choice

FaustTeufel says:

“Cross section action”

Jennah Renee says:

please do a q&a i have SO many questions for you!!

Rebecca A says:

I am so hungry

Jennah Renee says:

can you please review the cinnabon delights from taco bell

TWHyj87 Po985g0 says:


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