A&W 🍔 Cheddar & Roasted Garlic Uncle Burger® 🍔 Food Review

A&W Cheddar & Roasted Garlic Uncle Burger® Food Review
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A&W Food Services of Canada, Inc. is a Canadian fast food restaurant chain.

A&W Canada was part of the U.S.-based A&W Restaurants chain, but was sold to Unilever in 1972, and then bought by its management in 1995. It no longer has any corporate connection to A&W operations outside of Canada.

The Canadian operation is owned and operated by the privately held A&W Food Services of Canada Inc., based in North Vancouver, British Columbia. In December 2013, A&W was Canada’s second-largest fast food burger restaurant chain with 800 locations after McDonald’s, which has 1,400 Canadian locations.

A Canadian A&W (in Stratford, Ontario)
The first Canadian A&W restaurant opened in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1956. The Canadian restaurants were part of the American chain until 1972 when they were sold to Unilever.

In 1975, facing competition from the growing Canadian operations of McDonald’s, the company launched what was to have been a temporary advertising campaign starring an orange-clad mascot, The Great Root Bear. The bear and the tuba jingle that accompanied him became a long-running campaign (the tune, entitled “Ba-Dum, Ba-Dum”, was released as a single by Attic Records, credited to “Major Ursus”, a play on Ursa Major or “great bear”). The mascot was so successful that he was eventually adopted as the mascot by the American A&W chain as well. The famous tuba jingle was played by famed Vancouver jazz, classical and session trombonist Sharman King. King also did the ads for the “Book Warehouse” chain of discount book stores, which he owned.

In the early 1980s, the drive-in style of restaurant was phased out. It was replaced with a modern, pastel-coloured fast food outlet which included marginally healthier options. While the chain continued to open some standalone restaurants, A&W also aggressively pursued shopping mall locations, and as a result A&Ws are still commonly found in Canadian malls of various sizes.

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V SW says:

I don’t remember if I’ve ever had A&W. But this now makes me want to get that burger because ooooooh boy, does that look good.

gr33nshoes says:

$12,68? Invest in some new glasses!

PD TV Productions says:

They burned my bun last time,good review Ken

Maxamillion says:


Cindy Marsh says:

Garlic becomes sweet when it’s roasted.

ladamurni says:

9:14 Entry Of The Gladiators, funny. I think that the roasted garlic should be savory and not sweet like yours on that burger.

casey hess says:

Ken I’m not sure you know KFC has Hot Honey Chicken now sir.

chadwickmoffitt says:

Truffle shuffle please!

Gordonn says:

lol plastic straws are bad but the metal straws are just dumb… just take the damn lid off.. smh

Digitalbumpin says:

You aren’t saving anything not using a plastic straw. Look up in the air at all those planes and realize how ridiculous that statement was. Also, you better be sure that metal straw is lead free.

Jamie MacIsaac says:

“Saving the planet” by not using a plastic straw. But puts his reuseable stainless steel straws in a plastic bag. Oh the irony..

KingJP_XXVIII says:

I’d like to see more A&W videos Ken! We dont have one in my city

Game says:

Straws destroying the planet is the stupidest thing I ever heard of.

James Tucker says:

Why did they do that? I was so dissapointed. The breakfast sandwich with the new cheese is amazing btw!

pokemon101 says:

Looks like a whooper

Polish Wonder says:

Jesus Christ …metal straws? Next youre gonna have to ride a donkey everywhere bc ur offending someone for driving a car….but then the animal activists will hate u bc u ride a donkey ..so you’ll just have to walk …basically what I’m saying is , grow some balls …stop being such a soyboy Uncle Kenny

Rachel Cabe says:

Ken make some reusable straws in your merch I would buy!

Kyle McCarthy says:

You do more random shit then actually review the burger.

A.James Reilly says:

Hey Ken hey ho hey

Hal says:

Talk about timing…my stainless steel straw set was delivered an hour ago…. 🙂

Denny D says:


I'm the one 000 says:

Make Filipino food mukbang

Juice10ne says:

how is it so niice in your area and here in manitoba its cold and snowing already

Paul F says:

Ken I feel you are very soft on the reviews at times. Would you recommend this sandwich to me ?It sure sounds like a would not recommend

walter a heller says:

Holy expensive burger combo!

staticthreat says:

Gotta love that Roated garlic. 😉

Tyson Kopeck says:

same thought..the sweet garlic was dissapointing

Dave LaBadie says:

I love the straw!! Great wife you have bud!! I love the reviews!! Thank you and ooh la la!!

Kenan 3432 says:

damn i guess youre whole life is beeing passing by eating fastfood

Ghost8386 says:

Yummy Burger and Fries.

scott inglis says:

That looks incredible!

Barry Dimmock says:


Jason E says:

I’m with ya on not enjoying sweet- especially if it’s candy sweet- things on savory foods. Just throws it completely off.

Scott Messerschmidt says:

Tip: Cleaning stainless steel use Baby Oil

Spilchuk says:

You would be a Seahawks fan. Hahaha.

Sig Shooter says:

lol it’s 1259 where i’m at 😛

티카타카티키티키 says:

I can’t understand the flavor of rootbeer. It’s not my drink.

ZxRays 1216 says:

i’m watching at 2:55 am in Qatar

RhinoCantEdit says:

Anyone else think Ken got an ego, now? Shit rubs me the wrong way.

Vikingr Beerdserkr says:

I did NOT like this, I LOVE roasted garlic and I love it on my burgers but this thing was just too sweet, more roasted garlic, less sweetness would make it a whole lot better.

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