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Today I review and rank the 3 value meal chicken sandwiches from Wendy’s, McDonald’s and Burger King in order to determine who has the BEST FAST FOOD CHICKEN SANDWICH! I put the McDonald’s® McChicken vs the Burger King® Spicy Chicken Sandwich vs the Jr Crispy Chicken Sandwich from Wendys®!

Which sandwich comes out on top? Please watch and find out.

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i like these when you compare. i have thought of doing it, but never have. i let you do that. lol. think the rating is pretty fair. burger king i hardly ever go to. mcedeez or wendys. more mcz. thx. getting tacos tonight. nom nom. am i missing the link for the cheeseburger review.. ? will go check your vids.

Kristie Dilcher says:

McDonalds is my fave fast food behind Chick Fila. When I don’t get a burger I always get the fish fillet. I never tried the chicken, but I will now!

drfalcon4102 says:

need to start including other items from different places, such as Jack in the box,, they have a very good chicken for 1.39, and as mentioned checkers/Rallyes,, etc, Cook out has a very good chicken for 1.49 I think

Eric Reynolds says:

I concur…. Sir

JHarrison says:

when it comes to chicken sandwiches i used to love the bk original chicken sandwich the best. but since ive tried the chick fil sandwich its hands down the best when it comes to fast food chicken sandwiches imo.

David P says:

I haven’t had Wendy’s in decades but I’ll go there before BK any day. If you’re gonna hit up a value menu, McD’s serves it up best.

James Eliot says:

Maybe you should have tasted the chicken patty by itself. With the size of the sandwiches your probably tasting the different dressings on them and not the actual chicken. Sharon from Orange county CA

spaceghost27 says:

honestly, checkers wins with the cheap chicken sandwich but you didn’t do that one.

Critical Eats Japan says:

Great comparison! I stopped ordering our equivalent of the McDonald’s chicken sandwich since I got one that was as tough as an old army boot…

Freddie's Food Reviews says:


TJS [NoDQ] says:

Do you get easy ice or anything on the McDonald’s Coke?

Homer Herald says:

Wendy’s has a buffalo ranch crispy chicken for a $1 right now for another week or so.

Hugh Tahoob says:

Any Wawa’s review coming up???

Lisa TheCatDude says:

I usually like McDonalds chicken sandwich the best, as long as it’s made well and I like pickles on it.

j loomis7 says:

I rather dislike McDonald’s, but when I’m craving a chicken sandwich, theirs is the best

j- dub says:

Before I even watch, I have to go with the Burger King spicy chicken sandwich. 246 is the best value on the market. And it might be the best chicken sandwich, fast food wise. Get them, put some honey on them and knock yourself out

warthog2022 says:

Dude a certain ex red head is looking for you, you dissed her chicken and followed up with coke Savage LOL

Goobserl Vlogs and Gaming says:

They look so good

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Pretty much didn’t need to watch – I knew it I knew it Micky D’s ftw. I know you hate em but I add tomato to mine. So good and still so cheap. I believe there will be rioting in the streets with both torches and pitch forks if they ever take the $1 drinks away.

Xanax Sandwich says:

Wendy’s has the Buffalo ranch chicken sandwich for a dollar with cheese as well

Presley 17 says:

Hey bro. Is YouTube your main job or do you also arm wrestle at truck stops? Let’s see if you get that reference

J Walk says:

My kind of video! ALL THINGS CHICKEN!! My 3 teens happen to enjoy the McChicken over the rest. My personal fav in their better chicken sandwiches is a tie between Wendy’s & Burger King. (BK certainly stepped up their game this last year!) Thanks again!! Enjoy your Summer!

CJ Cutter says:

One of each please!

Gary20O says:

Great video. 🙂

Dave LaBadie says:

I love your reviews of this and I never have tried three different places and decided which I liked best!! You rock bud!! I missed it though I thought you were going to say Wendy or ex haha. She has some good food. McDonald’s has been coming in stealing her thunder with them new fresh burgers though. Keep doing what you do great.. We’re enjoying them here man!!

Bert Plocharski says:

This was a spot on review…I would agree, but right now the best dollar sandwich is Wendy’s Buffalo Ranch Chicken sandwich. My son would eat the Hot and Spicy McChickens all during his college days and love those too since the McDoubles and Hot and Spicy were only a dollar, but those days are over. As far as chicken sandwiches go, Whataburger’s here is the best (BBQ Chicken Strip Sandwice) but it is the most in price compared to the Big 3. I hope you will get to Texas someday and try them. Good review, comparisons are great, hope you are less stressed my friend.

Harry Larry says:

I love it! 🙂 All are good to me but there’s just something about the BK spicy chicken sangwich

Balinda Barks says:

I always get the mc chicken from mc Donald’s they’re pretty good.

Stefan Marchione says:

Great comparison, Endorsement! Never had BK value chicken sandwich, but if it is made with the regular chicken patty, I’ll pass. McDonald’s I get regularly, with tomato added; good flavor, good value. Now Wendy’s, always seems to have a premium flavor (meat), even though it is a jr or value menu item. Great review…and that is a great idea to cross-section the market, with a sampling of competitors products. Its a tool business use to get consumers’ tastes and also how to market and improve products; Marketing 101.

The Badcompany Gaming says:

I endorse this message, I agree with you on the order as well. You’ve gotta try Checkers spicy chicken sandwich.

Davesky19 says:

The only way I’m able to make either BK or Wendy’s chicken edible is by adding pickles to them, which they both do for free. McDonalds usually charges to add pickles, so I don’t do it, but they don’t need it anyway. The McChicken is flavorful and juicy enough on its own.

Genesee says:

Always appreciate these value-minded videos

Mister Drummings says:

Great idea! Thanks for reviewing these 3 together to get a true comparison. I’ve never tried something like this but this is the way to do a true taste test. The Wendy’s looked the best as far as the bun, lettuce, and thickness of the chicken but I trust your opinion in that the McChicken was the best overall. Burger King needs to step it up with quality.

Laura Y says:

I’ve definitely been guilty of a few McChickens in my day. Not bad for a buck, although sometimes it looks like someone sat on it right after they made it. Can’t figure out what they are doing to those buns.

Rickugg says:

Hello: I liked the looks of Wendy’s. Hardee’s Spicy Chicken is actually Spicy !!! I get it with the 5 for 5 !!!

Faamai Aljr says:

Try the new iPhone slushy snow cone ice cream from the five guys burger

Hugh Tahoob says:

Arbys isn’t awful

Michael Barrett says:

Rally’s has the spicy chicken sandwich for $1

Roland Mendoza says:

Wendy’s won yes !!!!! #mistakemistake lol I like your subliminal catchy lyrics right there lol

ZiggZagg11 says:

Yes, I have… I did a comparison of the same places with their regular grilled chicken sandwiches just a few weeks ago…

TJS [NoDQ] says:

Good stuff. I just couldn’t handle all the mayo. I hate it.

Nannerchan says:

Thursday is PubSub day. This week is BH Ultimate. I know that you reviewed it, but it is better in person. I will file this video for future reference.

Andy Dufresne says:

The black pepper flavor from the McChicken is just so good!

Jerry Shores says:

If you can’t handle spicy why did you get it?

David Thacker says:

U should have said “I’m lovin it”

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