Binging with Babish Reviews The Internet’s Most Popular Food Videos | Bon Appétit

‘Binging with Babish’ host Andrew Rea reviews the internet’s most popular food videos including:

1. Salt Bae Kobe Burger – Nusr-Et Dubai
2. Fast Food Lasagna – Epic Meal Time
3. Spicy Ramen Challenge: Kids Edition – Kaycee & Rachel
4. Sliders 4 Ways – Tasty
5. Making Pepperoni Pizza Pancake – TigerTomato
6. New! a lot of candy – americatvLETSPLAY
7. How to Make Perfect Poached Eggs – 3 Ways | Jamie Oliver
8. “Burritozilla” killed in under 2 Minutes! – Matt Stonie
9. DIY RAINBOW BAGELS – Rosanna Pansino
10. Binging with Babish: Krabby Patty from Spongebob Squarepants

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Binging with Babish Reviews The Internet’s Most Popular Food Videos | Bon Appétit


Nocturne22 says:

I believe Food Wishes was the first hands-only cooking series on Youtube.

nick somebody says:

Matt stonie!!!!!

Caiden Bensoni says:

Has anyone else ever questioned is he is gay?

Rko Mtoi says:

Jesus christ, those kids in the third video, absolute cancer

Delaney Circe says:

I truly…………cannot think of a more ideal man to wed or befriend than Andrew

Eargasm says:

Epic meal time

Rekt says:

Damn, Babish hates FFTL….

AsianShack says:

You should have showed him howtobasic

Tim Durden says:

Vegan food episode 🙂

Sarah Jordan says:

You WANT to make that at home?? oh good grief!! 🙂

Caithlin Lavinia Hunt says:

“ I would still totally like sleep with that dude tho”

Marie Hermans says:

ongoing assign exact sudden murder explanation engine prior neighbor carbohydrate immediately.

Karla Faulkner says:

The bagels looks like a laundry pod creepy

Tyler Miller says:

You can totally season your burger before forming the patty. Yes, the salt causes the burger to have a tighter texture, but this can be exploited when paired with coarser grinds, or careful patty assembly. The prime example is Heston Blumenthal’s ultimate burger, where the ground meat “threads” from the grinder are all aligned in parallel. The meat is salted, wrapped tightly in plastic, chilled, then cut into patties. The result? A texture like steak that can’t be accomplished any other way. This is ignoring the fact that there are three schools of burger making, one of which doesn’t fault meatloafy texture.

JThaNovaeater says:

“That’s computer! Thats computer tricks.” Sounds like an old man..

Stephanie Rodriquez says:

Bald pedo

Tim Stinson says:

Where was the chef john video

Billiam King says:

Please do this again

Binging with Babish says:

Guys why didn’t you tell me that I was sitting so my shirt looked weird.

Michael Scheel says:

just here to remind babish that his whole chicken recipe was complete garbage

tech support says:

Why are you judging these videos? Watching you is not anything new. We already have multiple bald people.

Jwars 416 says:

I love binging with babish

TheFlash1892 says:

“just drop it into your piss”,
i lost it at this point.

Connor Antignolo II says:

Andrew Rea and Matt Stonie crossover please? Please.

SquishyMushy says:

Matt stonie!!!!!!

Yee McGee says:

Binging w babish is a national treasure and must be preserved

Jeebus H. Christopher says:

“Well first you take a sharp cutting knife.”

Is there a sharp knife with a usage that doesn’t involve some sort of cutting or piercing?

King Inferno says:

Salt Bae The Goat

proudblackjynx says:

Salt Bae is such talentless poser trash. Disgusting

Alex Christian says:

I freaking hate “Kids YouTube” with the Lots of Candy and Ramen Challenge crap. Just. Stop. YouTube needs to crack down on this crap.

Edit: Oh yeah, this video itself if amazing. I’m just mad at the other videos.

VelocityRaptor says:

How dare they not include HowToBasic…

Blue says:

“I would still totally sleep with that guy though”
Hell yeah dude.

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