Burger King and Budweiser have collaborated to celebrate American’s Independence and Freedom for Summer 2018 by creating the LIMITED TIME ☆AMERICAN BREWHOUSE KING™☆ Two flame-grilled (Whopper) patties totaling more than ½ lb of beef, topped with thick-cut bacon, crispy onions, tavern sauce, American cheese and creamy mayonnaise all on a sesame seed bun; thankfully no longer Sourdough!

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Tony Yayo says:

That;s a messy looking burger

john jackson says:

Have you done the smokehouse burger(mcds)?

Exit Strategy says:

You are so gross I love it

Einhander49 says:

You didn’t get the special tavern sauce, bro. You got just the standard mayo.
That’s BK for ya. My local BK sucks dicks, too.

Enemy says:

I’ve eaten burger king 1 time in the past 20+ years and I got sick later that day.

Pat Cheatham says:

They owe you a slice of cheese, lol…it comes with 2 slices of cheese! Looks good though!

FAST Food Pit Stops says:

Ladies and Gents, I think we’re gonna hit 20K today 🙂

Chicken Sludge says:

I love your neck beard

Nonya Biznes says:

Justin has a massive dong

Jevon Hart says:

15 years ago bk was good now its garbage

Leo Tech says:

Got you beat. Come to quartzsite AZ. Worst Burger King and Charles Jr I’ve ever been to. I’m 44. Been fast fooding all my life.

Patrianna Ferris says:

Please do a review on Arby’s BREAKFAST! Yes, I said that right! BREAKFAST at Arby’s. Like Wendy’s, they are only in LIMITED 24/7 locations like Love’s and Pilot Truckstops, but it’s fast food and it exists!! Their bacon egg and cheese croissant is the BOMB!! So yummy!! Please do a review!!

Shawny Mac says:

That last bite…absolute SAVAGERY

Leonard Richardson says:

Yo man I just got thru watch the endorsement video on this same burger & he only paid $6 & change. They took you up & thru there my friend smh

Doreen says:

Great video as always!! So much fun!! Big bite!!!

Travis Bernard says:

congrats on 20k and also did your rating reflect your experience with the customer service or did you rate the burger without thinking of that. keep it going buddy!!

robert delaloye says:

You look like Samoa Joe/ John C Reilly. Not saying that’s a bad thing. Just saying. But anyway, I enjoyed the review.

OMG 420 says:

That 20k is missing a zero sir! Smoke one for me boss! #bigbite

Aesthetic Athlete says:

Lol stressful dining…

L.G. Enterprises says:

Burger looks good they was suppose to have two slices of cheese on that burger not one smh the Burger King in my town is worse tho they don’t put cheese on none of the burgers I order even when I ordered the old fashion cheeseburger it had no damn cheese on it smh I stopped getting anything from Burger King here

CJ Cutter says:

Not a bad looking burger Justin! Bad customer service kills the mood buddy!

MyLif3 says:

OMG its Cal Naughton Jr. Lol

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