BURGER KING ☆BIG MacAngriest Whopper☆ Food Review!!!

BURGER KING ☆BIG MacAngriest Whopper☆! 2X THE HELL! Combine 2 of these LIMITED TIME hellish hamburgers loaded with BACON, CHEESE, JALAPENOS, ANGRY ONIONS, ANGRY SAUCE and HOT SAUCE BUN and form the almighty Big MacAngriest Whopper!

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Edward Yi says:

when you sneezed i actually said bless you to my screen lol

Justin Mitchell says:

Burger King is the King

Tender Sheep says:

Do you have Dairy Queen? They have a Flamethrower burger. The saracha mayo is awesome! It also has jalapeno bacon! Yum!!!

Epik Artz says:

DO NOT follow his eating habits. They’re dangerous!

Kitsey752 says:

John c Reily is that you?

Sheriff Patrick says:

Please don’t tell me this is John C Riley…

teaaquinn says:


kpop world says:

lmao I remember when I saw this on the register when I worked at the burger king in my hometown my exact reaction was why the fuck do I work here lmaoooo it was just kind of one of those moments like wtf is this shit yall come up with the dumbest crap to eat ever but this video is hilarious

bob jordan says:

first bite all the way thru got damn! lol

Miguel Rojas says:

He’s never seen a burger

Carlos 82 says:


HallowedSnow 741 says:

this vídeo made me hungry

Redstone_dude87 Shrek says:

I am getting raped right now

bourbon30connoisseur says:

meth damon does food reviews?

jateke williams says:

And then when he bites down in it
Nelly plays its gettin hot in here xd

Jessica X says:

You are literally amazing. What a guy !

GAINZ -Destiny, GTA and more says:

Hey John c reilley your looking good

Stephen Fuller says:

What is your cholesterol level at sir?

Let'z-B-Gamerz says:

To Bad it’s No Longer on the Menu:( I Loved the Angry Whopper!

76bgilmer says:

Why is it red?

Andrew Gharabegi says:

He has a booger on his shirt

CrazyWyatt says:

I love myself some of old and new Angry Whoppers long Time! LOL! They are my favorites and favorite Whoppers and burgers of all Time. I hope Flora, IL burger king will bring both back.

Voracious T says:

Why Australia can’t have this awesome burger

Apple_Cider says:

this guy’s face can’t ever be angry. cool dude.

Justin Paschall says:

I like your tone In this video. Ur toned down a little bit and it’s easier to watch. Keep up the great work though

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