Burger King’s CHEETOS® Chicken Fries are made with white meat chicken like original Chicken Fries, and are covered in a crispy Cheetos-flavored breading and cooked to crispy perfection so that they have a dangerously cheesy outside with and made with juicy white meat chicken inside.

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Broken Basketz says:

Why so many dislikes?

Chubs2246 says:

It looks like you have a 2006 Ford Fusion, or at least around 2006

DonkeyHomie says:

Next Cheetos Dildos

BTW says:

thanks for showing me the orange dusting 60 times

Father Karras says:

walk hard..

Halee M says:

Over fried!

josep226 says:

Looks like they were overcooked….

Eric Paige says:

Personally I think they are slightly better than the regular chicken fries, but only slightly.

Agoth Agoth says:

If you put those dry ass fingers in my face one more time

Butts 69 says:

Wow it’s John C Reilly, dr. Boden grew a beard

Adolf Hitler says:

never seen this dudes video but as soon as i saw him i thought it was roman atwoods dad

Aaron Edwards says:

Who wlse is here from alex wassabi

Claudia Delara says:

Is it just me or does his voice remind me of lucky penny shop YouTube channel

Brian Y. says:

white meat my ass ROFL

TheRealOran 2003 says:

Roses are red, violets are blue…

Jayden Thomas says:

i trying it

Grace Vivi says:

I really like a guy who knows about dank good food, get you a man who can do both ladies.

InItForTheParking says:

Guy kinda looks like John C. Reilly.

Jesus Saavedra says:

looks like shoenices brother hahaha

Siah C says:

yeah those kind of look like regular chicken fries, why would they not give you the cheetos box if you had the cheetos chicken fries

Gordon Ramsey says:

Looks like my grandmas crusty hands

Ian James says:

I want a ruffles sour cream n cheddar chicken fries and a sour patch kid iceee.

Sadbutrad says:

Your kidding rn

TheRammsteinKiller says:

just subbed.

Respectable reviews. Better than that Joey oinker.

Bill Nye says:

I’m waiting for Jev to do it

xSpyroh says:

who is here from JEV?

T&VTV Empire says:

Those Are Regular Fries

TheRivrPrncess says:

I would think the chicken would not be what tasted like cheetos. I would think there would be a sauce that had a cheetos taste you could dip it in. Very false advertising.

MC FLY says:

Talk too much , just eat it

Kelly J says:

I thought this guy was Erick the electric for a minute…whaaaa

Maddie & Kiki says:

We are big believers in the 5-second rule when food falls on the floor!!! lol 😀 Great review, Fast Food Pit Stops!!! 😀

Ghost Face says:

You look like that guy off of step brothers.

Tom Snyder says:

Please check out my burger kings new Oreo cheesecake food review thanks so much

Ri7awii says:

Who is here from jev ?

Данил Лемехов says:

Лол, да?)

cherell ward says:

The Mac and cheetos tastes way better

Christopher Heath says:

Why would ANYONE care what this guy thinks ? About anything.

Eesh Meesh says:

yum! lol

Dark sky paradise says:


Vince cruse says:

You dont even have the cheeto box. Those are definitely regular chicken fries

myfreetime123 says:

Why am I watching this? This food is literally garbage. It doesn’t take a “review” to see that. Dumbass

suzanne koltay says:

Watch the movie: Cooties

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