BURGER KING ☆Spicy Crispy Jalapeno Chicken☆ w/SURGE SODA Food Review!!!

NEW! BURGER KING ☆Spicy Crispy Jalapeno Chicken Sandwich☆ w/SURGE SODA! Made with 100% white meat seasoned chicken filet, breaded with bold flavors and just the right amount of heat; layered with thick-cut smoked bacon, pepper jack cheese, spicy jalapenos, and a creamy green chili aioli all assembled on a toasted potato bun. And by some miracle DeLorean transport, Burger King is selling SURGE SODA from the tap! I’m checking out BOTH of these LIMITED TIME deals! BIG BITE!!!

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Dontrell Hardwick says:

Diabetic dead damn lol that was silly

Zedrick Gaming says:

It looks so tasty

beeskness 88 says:

I’m your Justin thats me thats the sandwich one big bite!

raspberrysyrup says:

he said “got the japs” 3:35

Const - Gota says:

Ahahaaaa aaaaa

Ricardo Sanabria says:

This guy looks like an annoying drive thru customer lmao .The way he ordered made me mad

John S says:

You are the king. Take over for J. C. Rielly. That was fun stuff. Need more.

Aaron Rhoades says:

Next time try quad chicken, bacon and cheese! Might get you closer to heaven with a heart attack, but man will it taste good! Burger King reminds you to eat responsibly.

BasedAshKetchum says:

I kinda feel like Burger King gone be first to go lol they are the worst company out of all the others

opa man says:

Why does that Burger King not take any pride in stacking that or any burger with pride. Very sloppily made. Don’t have that problem to the Burger Kings I go to Justine. Maybe b/c the Manager cooks when I go.

BasedAshKetchum says:

I never eat at Burger King I don’t like they charbroiled burgers

opa man says:

I wonder what your glucose level was after drinking that Surge Soda/Pop and eating at least 2500 calories in addition to the Surge? 450mg/dl maybe?

BronxJL says:

I’m not sure but I think I may have you beat. The Burger King on Middletown road in The Bronx New York is truly the worst Burger King ever.

Uncle Chuckles says:

Hey Justin killer review.. We love you in Ohio man.. keep it up.

Aquarius Mayors says:

Booger king. Yes!

Josh Sparr says:


Moodinator says:

New here… you’re a great reviewer and entertaining

Sam L says:

90s theme or what? lol I was looking for a good burger for dinner tonight…so the bk jalepeno king burger was on my mind. Until I saw this! Def gotta go with the crispy chicken version. And that Surge!!

J.J. Walker says:

Quit with the big bite (it’s gross), you have enough personality without that bs..

Jacob Crowder says:

Love your vids man! Moving to the Denver area in November so I’ll be hoping to run into you my friend!

B.K. Perry says:

All these BK shout outs…BK=Big Kris Perry

Jonathan Castillo says:

blinded by the bling

Juan Cruces says:

Are you the dude from step brothers? Look exactly like him

Topgun Maverick says:

Awesome review great energy and great breakdown of the burger…im going to get one now.

RC Surf says:

Havent had a good meal at BK since the 80’s – still havent – not aoli but pickled jalp with mayo – there are much worse and nastier BK’s down here in south florida – im moving to denver next year looks much nicer than this sess pool

BasedAshKetchum says:

I remember surge tho lol

Jay James says:

My guy look like John Reilly

Patrick Powell says:



J T says:

I’f they used fresh jalapenos this sandwich would be a 10. Pickled peppers are nasty imo

shakenbake228 says:

Honestly, everytime I go to a Burger King in Colorado the service is ATROCIOUS! I’ve stopped going to any Burger King now

Michael Coffey says:

Yummy 🙂

LEGO Gamer says:

HEY! I Taste My First Drink Before!

FAST Food Pit Stops says:

Pretty sure they gave me TWO top buns…smh this BK

littlebighead15 says:

Damn you’re one of the few good reviewers with an actual loyal following that’s not infested with trolls. Good job brother keep it up.

Colorful Meditation says:

Dude, looks like they ran out of sandwich bottoms! That’s cool – everyone knows the top is the best anyway. Least the screwups were in your favor this time!

InItForTheParking says:

I wish it came on the sesame seed bun.

beeskness 88 says:

Youre also a dork!

lucas mcquillan says:

I used to drink surge in high school love the stuff then going to Burger King just for that awesome video big bite

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