Burger King 89 Cent Pancakes – Food Review

Today’s review is for the 89 Cent Pancakes from Burger King.

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Burger King Is Selling 3 Pancakes for Only 89¢

Cheap fast food breakfast battles hit a new low.

The Dollar Menu may have mostly disappeared from the nation’s biggest fast food operators, but that hasn’t stopped the occasional sub-$1 deal from popping up on menus to boost business.

The latest super cheap fast food item comes from Burger King: For a limited time at participating restaurants, an order of three pancakes costs a measly 89¢. That’s less than 30¢ per flapjack!

Burger King has been promoting the new low-price offer on Facebook and Twitter. The 89¢ order of pancakes comes with syrup and butter, but not a side of sausage like pancakes normally come with at Burger King. (Let’s not be gready, huh?)

In fact, Burger King’s move is one in a long line of stunning low-price deals that probably yield little to no profits, but which serve a more important purpose: increasing customer traffic. Early in 2015, for instance, Burger King, McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, and others waged an ongoing war over coffee, with competing free coffee giveaways left and right. More recently, several fast food players have stepped up their game in terms of cheap value meal deals, with offers like 4 items for $4 and even 5 items for $4.

It’s no coincidence that many of the low-price promotions feature breakfast items. For years, breakfast has been regarded as the most important meal of the day in the fast food business because it was the one mealtime seeing a constant increase in customers. What’s more, restaurants like the idea of getting people to start their days eating their food, with the hope that this habit crosses over into lunch, dinner, and snack time as well. McDonald’s introduction of all day breakfast last fall has proven immensely popular as well, and competitors have unveiled new breakfast items and low-price offers as a way to win back customers wooed by Egg McMuffins at any hour of the day.

Burger King hasn’t said how long it will keep selling three pancakes for only 89¢. What we do know is that the BK restaurants hope that you buy coffee, orange juice, and maybe a breakfast sandwich while you’re swinging by for cheap pancakes. And the bigger hope is that you get in the habit of swinging by your local BK for breakfast and more long after the cheap pancake offer disappears.

If you want the super cheap flapjacks, just remember that breakfast at the chain ends at 10:30a.m. sharp.


Review conducted by TheReportOfTheWeek.
November 27th, 2016.


GlimmerXP says:

Love you review bruh stay strong 🙁

Scott Simpson says:

he gets it . goin in

Senpopai says:

I get you’re kinda like a smart guy but why 8.81? Lol Why not 8.8? Why the extra .01?

Deja W says:

“You would expect these to be literal garbage” Telling it like it is XD

Joe Ruiz says:

what kind of family problems? God bless you!

jamesdagmond says:

Burger King’s microwaved frozen bullshit. Fuck Burger King. Their food sucks so bad…

J bell says:

I bet he is the most respectful driver on the road… Ever

Ares14 says:

i feel like you watch wolf of wallstreet on repeat.

Lucien Rout says:

I would not say “maple syrup”. It is likely an imitation of maple syrup that is full of sugar and artificial flavors. The pancakes look like empty calories with not much in terms of nutritional value. It may taste good but it is probably not that healthy. I would stay away from that product.

ColoursandScents says:

Sorry about your family problems (know how it is) and I hope it all goes ok for you!! Do love your reviews keep them coming as much as you can!!

Grey Horizon says:

So let me get this straight. These cakes are made in a pan?

dooke nookum says:

burger king has the saddest excuse for food ever.

Mathew Coons says:

The only guy I know who can talk for minutes about 89 cent pancakes from Burger King. I have gained respect for you my good sir

Tigger Jim says:

When he said dollop I almost blew my wad.

CheckTechNow says:

I hope everything gets better , i really do! Stay strong my friend! Greetings from Greece!

Ocyrus says:

Every time he says food review I smile

spryte says:

Why do you eat like a pussy lmao you look like the food’s about to bite you

Swenky says:

“yknow what burger king i forgive you” i aint gay but ur so damn cute

BlindGuardian050 says:

best review of 89c pancakes I’ve ever seen. well done

Santa Claus says:

Roses are red violets are blue running on empty reviews are stupid as you

Shaggy Korronikov says:

but wtf are you wearing???

Faithful Tribe says:

Left-handeds for the win.

Travis Dewar says:

think this guy just needs to get laid

Daniel Lockaby says:

His family problems might be because he dresses in a suit and makes videos in fast food parking lots.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand says:

Your language arts teacher must have been horny every day because of you. Tell me you Macroned her Emanuel.

Nate45boss says:

Why do I smell the pancakes?

mOm0 says:

“I hope that’s syrup” 😉

david fox says:


fernyberty says:

They are microwaved

Remijio Mendoza says:

ReviewBrah is the only real Spider-Man

George Austers says:

89 cents for pancakes? lol that’s crazy

Alpha says:

Just had these today and I thought of you!

Dakota Hoch says:

This guy is the Mr. Rogers of food reviews.

Richard Gluten says:

shit look like my pussy

Chase says:

He’s got more views on bk pancakes than joeys food reviews

Roop InRVA says:

Let me ask a question, in all seriousness…. Your fast food reviews are great, but would you consider fine dining(AKA a sit down restaurant such as a steakhouse) reviews on new restaurant items in the future?

Back From The Future says:

mine did not come with butter : (

Justin Boy says:


Triston Tsui says:

Pointing with your knife, rude

Javier Miranda says:

I understood 8.81 out of 10 that your going thru family problems I think 8.81 out of your viewers have gone thru some problems

Stacy Coleman says:

Reviewbrah is an older version of brick from the middle

heydavewhite says:

I hope things are going better for you these days.

Funtime Frenzy says:

Get to Burger King
Attain pancakes
Review pancakes

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