BURGER KING aka HUNGRY JACKS WHOPPER REVIEW – Fast Food Friday Food Reviews – Greg’s Kitchen

Today l try an old school classic, the Whopper, to dissect it and find out what actually goes into the making of on the the world’s most popular burgers ever created by man.

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cute girl says:

when u said hungry Jacks burger, I was like ehh gross pancake burger. hungry Jacks is a brand of pancake mix in U.S. didn’t know Burger King/Hungry Jacks same

Mike Jarrett says:

That french fry bit was hilarious.

shuyi zhang says:

burgers at hungry jacks are the best
if you say that again i will piss you off

BaronVonBetho says:

10/4 good budy

shuyi zhang says:

and if you for your behaviour out of ten i give you o.o5

RedPill Shark says:

i need a whopper… i was on suc ha good diet to….

Mehmet says:

omg just cam back to your channel and duude this video was hilarius!!

Countdown says:

Sent from Jimmy Dore’s show. Earned a sub

Ron Staudinger says:

hi greg re price. its really not that more expensive if you take into account added tax and currancy conversion. plus usa workers get paid a pittence

Flamecrew9 At roblox says:

hungry jacks its better them beger king

set_to_stun says:

this burger has so much going on. i usually just have it stripped of everything. then i add ketchup, would you add anything to give it some extra flavor?

Wayne Kerr says:

You gotta love the mayo on the left side of Greg’s mouth and ketchup on his right side for good measure LOL

Puppet Master says:

I’m horny for u Greg my pussy is dripping onto my marble floor come stick me

Nathan David Freiberger says:

That’s so cool, you know that new whopper box, we don’t have that in Vic I got whopper today new look cup and chips but just the wrapping for whopper, why not the box in vic

Koji 888 says:

You seem a bit shy when you go out. It’s cute. I love it. 🙂

Tommy's Cooking Channel says:

6:24 made me laugh


lol she was waiting for the free burger posted on the pay window but she must of screwed up the driver hahahahahah

Daniel Lee says:

you can get two Whoppers and two fries and two drinks for 10.00 us in my state North Carolina

Anthony King says:

I want some fucking Maccas now give me some fucker.

BaronVonBetho says:

Greg’s Kitchen you luv Burger King

meatee teete says:

what country r u from

Steve Howard says:

I want to see the Greggo version of a Whopper!

shuyi zhang says:

shut up

woofyhugger says:

Greg, I have been waiting to see you get your whopper in your hands. Woof!!

Stacey B. says:

Your videos make me smile so much!!

Gregory Pappas says:

love how you did your critique with ketchup and mayo on your face… You are really entertaining, take care…

Sam 1 says:

I love you mr.greg s ha ha

IvarKorr says:

Just had one today!

with no bun.

myhotdawg says:

in the US with the Burger King app on your smartphone you can get bogo free whopper. 5 and change for two whoppers.

ZergeHD says:

just asking greg are u gay got nothing against it but im am just asking

Andy Macks says:

I love whoppers, had a shite load of them. I much prefer HJ over McDonalds these days, find McDonalds too salty and just generally a lot more dry. Plus they have never been able to understand how to use a tomato.

shuyi zhang says:

your really no one but a dobber on things , and a burger is the best but you say its not , i give it a ten

Tiffany says:

whoppers dont have ketchup or cheese!! this is nothing like the whopper i know

A lexy says:

gotta love em aussie drive thru’s, bloody idiots everywhere lol

wildchook (Mary) says:

I prefer whopper to a macca.

David Anderson says:


pattricklenses says:

What’s the weight like?

Trumby says:

another great video

Pete &Pete says:

Do you guys have Aurby’s???

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