Burger King American Brewhouse King Review!

Today I try out the new American Brewhouse King from Burger King. I’m wearing a brown double breasted suit from the 90s.

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oddduk says:

Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich from Wendy’s!

Call me Pizza says:


Jeremy Doshier says:

Dude, you took 6 bites too the average mans 2 or 3…

Micah Lapalm says:

Hope you have a great day I just love to see you report your finding about food. It’s been great seeing you grow into a fine man over the years and a happy Fourth of July to you. P.S. love the nails keep them long.

Supah says:

When you don’t get lost in the sauce. But the sauce itself, is lost.

ElMute says:

Can you stop acting all fucking sarcastic and get to the point of actually giving the review. I know all you care is to make it over that 10 minute mark.

August says:

You take mouse bites, sir.

Marc V says:

Overall a good honest review!! Good Job!!!

exelionxvidz says:

how about we throw the same double whooper with just some sauce and call it something new? i guess thats what its all about same burger on the menu just 1 or 2 different items and different raping paper!

sickflow says:

It’s amazing

Amy B says:

Ew. Tomatoes aren’t ripe. Greasy mess. Way back in the day, BK used to be good.

William Ross says:

Can you have beer?

WL P says:

That is a Ginormous burger!!!

zypher says:

Cant tell if you are 14 or 41

Matt Broad says:

How do you take such small bites? I am skinny also, and just envelope these things

reemo says:

WHO watches this shit and derives entertainment?? hahaha. Im outta here. Not even sure how I landed here.

weetzybat says:

I think the lighting is too harsh when he brings the food up to the lens

grimjim666 says:

Bigger than yer head m8! Looks sweet thanks for the video.

Ayden Kresge says:

I can’t tell this mans age. It is scary.

Shadowhazard 14 says:

ReviewBrah how do you use such words of wisdom

jameir vanderhorst says:

Why do you remind me of Sheldon from Big Bang Theory

alf says:

That things bigger than your head

Henry Castro says:

Im im im i i i….your 1 million subscriber…omg dis is such an honor 2 be ur 1 million subscriber is such an honor

Bryan Scheeler says:

That mirror shot in the begining was sick

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