Burger King Cheesy Tots – Food Review

Today I am reviewing the newly re-released Cheesy Tots from Burger King! I am wearing a black suit, white dress shirt, green striped tie and a Burger King crown.

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Anonymous Group says:

He seems like the Sheldon Cooper of food! Anyone agree with me?

Ed Tom Bell says:

Thy kingdom come, thy will be done.

An says:

i prefer burger king to McDonald’s, def

White Nigga says:


Ceroki says:

“As they describe it…” But, does he describe it that way? Are “they” his children? I must know this.

Mako LD says:

You look like an off brand steve buscemi

Dandoon says:


Atsec says:

wtf are u talking bro? deadpan comedy?

Snow Chimp says:

Review different lemonade brands/flavours. Please ❤

Jean-Charles Navet says:

a sack of tots lol

Adolf Nambla says:

Is this guy serious?

McDsFreeWiFi says:

Put Lorde and reviewbrah pics side by side, you can’t unsee it

Stephen De Belen says:

I didn’t know Lorde had a twin brother

Satan is a computer says:

*You can make a religion out of this*

APro Widow says:

I love your videos

Courtney Harris says:

Potater tot. Cheesy tot sack. Fully immerse yourself.

SwaNGoose says:

You hear that guys. It comes in a sack.

Jacob Stiles says:

Solid review, reviewbrah

kylekrb1 says:

Review Canadian poutine

Pimpin' Jones says:

I used to be an athiest, but now I’ve seen God.

Anthony Perez says:

Chu got a Lincoln?

Just A Guy says:

“What are the cheesy tots, as they say”. Me “Who says that?”

Very Wide Open Mouth ¡AHHH! says:

I died at the hat part

Bob Bobjs says:

Am I the only one who wants him to tell me bed time stories?

Louis Giuliano says:

Love your content reviewbrah, keep up the classy work

grace12784 says:

What website do u use to find the latest fast food goodies?

Andrew Date says:

Haha nice

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