Burger King Crispy Buffalo Chicken Melt Food Review

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40th Birthday Celebration

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Harry Barry says:

Food porn

Saranya Nair says:


ferox7878 says:


Princesa Villa says:


raynutty82 says:

The Rodeo King was the shit!

Guap50 says:

Daym you have to try Arby’s new chicken pepperoni parm, it’s bomb!

Trenton N says:

They knew it was spicey that’s why the doused the sandwich

Trenton N says:

At BK drive thru in a porch…..hoodtastic at its best!!…. Daym you my boy!

Matthew B. says:

Does the fry bite back?

Burnout Bobby says:

Sandwich looks soft but I gave the video a thumbs up for the rhyme game staying strong.

CmonSon6492 says:

That video intro was so east coast… felt like the opening to a G-Unit video B! Dead azz

Kalingo says:

The only good thing I have ever heard about you is when you got rekt by idubbbz

Roland Bat says:

That Chain is LIT

DeAndre Haynes says:

There’s no way I would be eating in my 100K car

2oshow says:

Why you sound so etiquette?

toofine9 says:

he likes rubbing it in dont he lol..he must of said the price of the car 10 times..which aint even his lol

Tyler Cyphers says:

Come to the Niagara Falls wendys when our tenders and cookies come out I’ll hook u up boss everything fresh behind the counter the whole thang would love to meet u man

D. Green says:

What’s the return date on the vehicle? LOL when someone repeatedly speaks of a hundred-thousand-dollar car in a third-party sense never saying MY hundred-thousand-dollar car it simply doesn’t belong to them but hey, enjoy while you can!

John Bollinger says:

one bite?

Keegan McNally says:

The one I got locally was great 5/5 it was crispy and spicy and the cheese was melted perfectly. Yours looked like mess. You need to find a new BK my man.

Jack Hawkins says:

Happy Birth day to you happy birthday to you happy birthday dear daym drops happy birthday to you

Keydoor says:

Daym we get it, it’s a $100k vehicle. You don’t have to say that every five seconds.

koshar44 says:

$5.29??, nah B!!

Sam Bradbury says:

You guys think it’s a $100000 vehicle?

Fitz Johnson says:

I had it and loved it. The heat hit me after the first bite and I was hooked.

Najee says:

Hmu when u driving that Tesla. Bruh

don mon says:

may u get that inevitable hear attack during your 41st year

Erik S says:

Is that your “retirement” car from Youtube?

TheGoldenAge says:

Pleaseeeee review Arby’s chicken pepperoni parmesan sandwich

Dan Wright says:

Hey Daym, how much that vehicle worth?

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