Burger King NEW! ☆CRISPY CHICKEN TENDERS☆ Food Review!!!

NEW! Burger King ☆CRISPY CHICKEN TENDERS☆! Last seen on the menu in 2012, Chicken Tenders have returned with a new ‘Crispy’ name attached at the feather! 100% white-meat, breaded and fried to a golden tender crisp. These should be sticking around on the menu for a while…and who knows, maybe we’ll see them in a SPICY version soon!?!? BIG BITE!!!

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Agitos Second channel says:

You deserve more subs

Al May says:

I’m gonna try them 2day

Jae Song says:

Man, the box is too small and weak.

Daishawn Ellerbe says:

I wish these were a permanent menu item.

Laura Murphy says:

i do In Madison ohio slow service cold food – i stop going there

Brother Rob says:

You should have added a scene where your holding your stomach in pain and pretending that you can feel the chicken trying to pick its way out of your stomach.

StarSun says:

Worst BK, gave you big pieces

Lexi Babe says:

Your sassy attitude was hilarious and she was over it. Burger king is trash to me i’m over them. The one near me always has cold food.

05gtdriver says:

The Burger King in my neighborhood was so bad it was turned into a Starbucks 🙂

T.E.D. tech says:

Better than McDonald’s?

BronxJL says:

Middletown road in The Bronx NY. is sooooo bad.

Snoop kitty 26 says:

wow how rude

Breaking Point says:

How much are they

Awkward Adi says:

Hahahahaha I’m dying at your drive thru footage, I can’t stop laughing hahahahaha

Conti Music says:

Quite nice, would you be interested in using my music for free? Good work!

kanye west says:

They always take so long at the bk close to my house they see us standing there waiting to order and they walk up intill they feel like it really bad service

티카타카티키티키 says:

Is zesty sauce taste good with chicken tender?

bigj2637 says:

Long time subscriber, just wanted to stop in and let you know that you look way more than the Undertaker than John C Reilly.

BertLiveStreamz Channel says:

Two drive thru, 3 windows, same 15 min wait lol check your order before your leave

psychoticguns says:

Just look at those striations lol!!

MC says:

Iv never seen him irratated or talk shit

Amos Presley says:

_Me be loving your shirt._

Quitz. says:

Didn’t Burger King have chicken tenders? I’ve had some before they took it off the menu. now they say it’s “new”? I’m confused

Jason Pham says:

BK sucks. Everyone should stop going immediately

Noah Montanez says:

Burger King chicken tenders is better the McDonald’s chicken tenders and Wendy’s chicken tenders


havent had those in a long time, so much better than mcnuggets

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Wait. I know I subbed before. WTF?

Mike D says:

They are all really bad. I’m trying to medicate right now and I don’t appreciate you saying dirty oil and making me laugh LOL. I’m really sure those fast food employees ranging from 16 to 25 really care about the oil

eric riddle says:

Thomasville NC. I could write 5 paragraphs on it, but let’s just say it sucks!!!!!!!!

irishcoliny says:

How boring…

Jake paul fan says:

I live in Lakewood Colorado by Denver

Cody Joe Hastings says:


Y&S FOOD! says:

Great video clip! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we adore to check out this kind of contents. We make Travel & Food movies as well, world wide, and so we are constantly hoping to find inspirations and perhaps good ideas. Thank You.

CJ Cutter says:

Zesty sauce? Yes zesty sauce painful customer service Justin! Tenders sound good though!

Francis Holsen says:

I laugh so hard when you were in drive thru

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