Burger King Rodeo Burger – Food Review

Burger King Rodeo Burger is brought to you by the letters, R & B! Had to blow the dust off this official cowboy hat. It was given to me after I conquered the Rodeo a few months back, I also have some official cowboy boots to go with it! Share this review with a friend.

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١ ٢ says:

thanks for your review

Djdoc savage says:


yffdvh B says:

where is daym drops from

Chris Lindsford says:

Just discovered your videos, loving the channel!

ThePhatt says:

Im a bot hahahah

Kurt Boutin says:


Satirical Shitposter says:

You think bots can’t rate a video? I have 237 accounts and I just unleashed them all on this video, I might even program them to dislike a new video minutes after it has been uploaded. I’m way ahead of the game daym.

Adham El Attar says:


Sheem Almighty says:

Great burger for when you got the munchies

miffy magic says:

I dont think it bots, of course i dont have inside info. But view count includes ppl without youtube accts…i watched for years with no account, you cant interact.. then i think of my parents who needed help setting up email and fb. Maybe you have a giant silent grandparent fan base hahah

Donavon Powell says:


Paul Towsley says:

Rock on Daym! Rodeo

Hazled Godx says:

I always watch your vids but never comment. Keep it up my man.

glen curtis says:

rodeo i had it and was not that impressed i give it a 2 piece

Tiger Berry says:


CJFierce says:

Rodeo (down with the bots)

Lester Dilan says:


Yvonna Wells says:

I want one now lol

Timothy Stanford says:

Rodeo. That is all.

Wendy Dabe says:

love to watch you try things you make me hungry Everytime

Dane Martin says:


Christy Haehnel says:

I have not had Burger King in a very very very long time I use to love in a city that had Burger King but now I live in a smaller town that does not have Burger king at all.

Philip Mackarous says:

I’m at the RODEO… woop woop

Mastermind Plotz says:


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