Burger King Rodeo King – Food Review

On this rainy afternoon I review the newly released Rodeo King Burger from Burger King. I am wearing a blue suit from the 1990s, white dress shirt and an M.C. Escher necktie.

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Macy Bowles says:

Congratulations on all of those subscribers! 10/10 on your fantastic content dude.

PUDD1N TA1NE says:

I love your Wholesome Ducks of Good Luck. I need them in my life.

Södo says:


Caleb Benoit says:

CONGRATS! 400k man!

double deuce2310 says:

Pancake on a………………………. stick

Ryan Stashko says:

Lorde, get back to the VMA’s

Jody Dorsett says:

Could this also be because BK changed their patties?

godofacorns says:

I appreciate the great choice in necktie, as well as the great review. Looks like an excellent sandwich, a good competitor to Carls Jr’s Western Bacon Burger.
I tried BK’s new Crispy Chicken, and it was pretty good too. Maybe BK is turning a new leaf!

Mine Owen says:

How many likes can this comment get?

360deeman says:

The Rodeo burger is a classic. “You can’t handle the Rodeo Burger!” – Chip Hazard

Ben Becker says:

Very nice suit today!

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

The Wholesome Ducks of Good Luck make a cameo appearance in this review.

John Smith says:

400k subs!!!!

Evan Blake says:

The rainy episodes are the best

Lucas Duman says:

400k!! Killing the game right now reviewbrah!!

B rad Gaming says:

Running on empty boob review

Basic Gestalt says:

A Burger King at Burger King reviewing a Rodeo King.

unennui says:

S u p r e m e

Robert Blankenbiller says:

Congrats on 400k Reviewbrah!

El Guapo says:

That’s a nice looking burger

Dexter Mclovin says:


lemme smash says:

Ma boi got a duck

shini taetae says:

Can’t wait till this fine man gets 1m subscribers

Calvin Amering says:

6:04 made me laugh harder than it should have

Our Beloved Leader says:

review everclear

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