Burger King® | Sourdough King™ Review! 🍔👑🍞

Burger King® has something NEW – The New Sourdough King™! The newest version of the KING to hit the menu, this time under some Sourdough Bread!

Featuring more than ½ lb.* of Flame-Grilled 100% Beef with Melted American Cheese and Hickory Smoked Bacon, the New Sourdough King™ is then topped with a Creamy Signature Sauce and Freshly Sliced Onions all on Toasted Sourdough Bread.

Do I ENDORSE it? Please watch and find out.

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Dave Da Drummajor says:

I don’t like sourdough that much either. Skipping this one.

Elizabeth Rickard says:

Appreciate the review but I think I’ll stick to my Frisco Burger from Hardee’s…. Their meat to bread ratio is on point and I’ve never gotten a dry one… This thing looks dryyyyy 😛

Bad Billy says:

Similar to Jack In The Box. I like the bread thinner and more toasted/grilled. 79 is accurate.

Junkfood Junction says:

that first bite tho son…………………………

Chad Lowery says:

Half of the cheese is hanging off of it.

The King says:

I’ll preface this with saying that I really enjoy your reviews. They are short and right to the point which is awesome. With that said……..if you’re going to review a ‘King’ sandwich you really need to review it with 2 patties since that coupled with bacon and cheese is what makes it ‘KING’. So this review is already useless. Also…..as already mentioned, less deep inhales through the nose. I sound like a jerk I know, but pretty sure once you watch this again it’ll drive you nuts…..tell me I’m wrong!!

Pleadship says:

Looks good tho overall

Rodrigo Mondingo says:

the endorsement, your intros are funny!! sourdough on a burger is the ultimate!

The Badcompany Gaming says:

Go Houston Astros!! Sorry E

corsev says:

Looks disgusting

Dave LaBadie says:

Your review is awesome!! I don’t think I’ll even try it! It cost too much I love your opinion keep them coming bud

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

King me

Chris Natali says:

That’s weird they’re all doubles on the other reviews

David Thacker says:

I saw this and knew I would be seeing you trying this.

The Aviator says:

The sad thing is I watched your video and others after yours on this sourdough king burger… yours looks dry and awful and the others look juicy and yummy what happened to your burger it looks all dry and not good.. maybe you should again maybe they will make you a better one or just go to a different Burger King

Bradley vlogs says:

I never had it I don’t know if I will like the bread lol

Hussle Allen says:

Shit look so dry and trife

Diagnol Snakeskin says:

I was waiting for this!!! Yeah.. I think the double would do it justice!!!

Angie Askmelater says:

Whaaat I’ve not heart of this. Thank goodness for you and your reviews! 🙂

Ryen Elliott says:

Well done video and review

Roland Mendoza says:


Sorcerer Heidi says:

Thanx for going back/doing this. Love sourdough, but think the sauce would be too sweet for me. So maybe would get it with no onion, no sauce, but add mustard, then eat maybe 1`/2 the bread. Great job, as always!

Hussle Allen says:

The old sourdough burger from the early 2000s when shrek first came out was much better

Balinda Barks says:

It kinda looked dry was it?
Thanks for trying

Nicole M says:

You seem to be sniffling a lot, hope you’re not sick!!

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

This looks bomb. Most of the king inventions have been pretty good

Peter George says:

I like your reviews but why do new Yorkers sound so dumb when they speak?

Living Large on Lifetime says:

I love sourdough, but I love BREAD in general! Agree though, that looks like a lot – would probably balance out better with 2 patties. Agree that at ANY restaurant you should be able to get EXACTLY what you want – you’re paying for it! My husband wants to know if you’re on a diet or watching calories?? Lol we are just curious because lately you have been mentioning calories? You inspired me to do a few food reviews and I’m doing my first TOMORROW with a big shout out to The Endorsement!

#SweatPantsJoeEATS says:

That definitely doesn’t excite me. BK should bring back the Big King!

Clarence Boddicker says:

BK would have to be the king of calories in the fast food game.

silvercro says:

It is 7 dollars for the two patties. At my local spot, they asked me up front if I wanted one or two. Sounds like the manager at yours was just upselling. I wanted the frosted lemonade but mines didn’t have it yet. They said the 30th is the first day.

Becca M says:

This looks really good. But too expensive! Love your videos!

CJ Cutter says:

Have it your way,BK!

Tyler Joseph Smith says:

Apparently the frozen Fanta lemonade isn’t available at my Burger King yet.

truthbetold says:

I’m sorry but the BK kings have gone downhill since the rodeo king. Very disappointing. Will pass on this one.

Tyler Joseph Smith says:

I’ll take the potato bun over sourdough or toast any day.

Kam Mike says:

That look like a French toast burger

Andy Dufresne says:

Didn’t read all of the comments to know if someone else said this but I can get the “Double Quarter Pound King” as just a single. They even have it up on the board with it’s own picture and everything. Quarter Pound King or Double Quarter Pound King. I’ll take the single, please.

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