Burger King Spicy Chicken Nuggets – Food Review

Today’s review is for the new Burger King Spicy Chicken Nuggets.

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ballsmcgallz says:

I almost feel guilty watching Reviewbrah’s videos. I am not in the slightest worthy of his visage.

Grim Bones says:

500k special ???

Ross Barbish says:

Your videos are on a completely other level, no one is even close to this

Matthew Alistair says:

That is pretty inexpensive

Zoltán Kovács says:

what was that with the water

Bas Nieuweboer says:

This mans actually gets 0 hate on his channel I like this vibe

Karl_Winslow says:

Burger Kings nuggets are the worst

ThatAlienDude says:

Great video :-))))

electricmaster23 says:

10 nuggets for $1.49? HOW!? That’s so cheap. In Australia, we’re lucky to pay 50 cents a nugget, and here you guys are only having to pay 15 cents a nugget. Even after factoring in the exchange rate, you guys have it so much better!

Adam Young says:

The Spiciness must flow!

Jason says:

The facial expressions when you talked of Taco Bell “inventions” was priceless… you did not look impressed.

coolmushroomish says:

Once again another great video

Shadow says:


mspinkandyellow says:

Bottled water? Where’s the Starbucks water?!!! Your slipping on your content quality. Smh

Monte Freeman says:

Stop making me soo hungry!!!!!

Aydan Bevacqua says:

I love this channel!!!

Menzies Coline says:

The thumbnail is very much of an aesthetic but Reviewbrah will always be the best aesthetic! <3 🙂

Adara Rami says:

Actually stupid how this video got demonetized before it was public.

James A. Garfield says:

It’s like Fun with Flags but about fast food.

DrChin Strap says:

He’s actually beautiful.

Dylan C says:

Thank you, my lord.

Matthew Alistair says:

Foo-ood re-view!

Gabriel Gamlin says:

Kind of channel you can’t even content cop cause its perfect.

yung nathan says:

what he sees vs what she sees

TheReportOfTheWeek says:

A new burger king review for anyone interested. I hope you all had a nice Tuesday!

Vegan Ricks says:

I’m never gonna eat any of this stuff. Cant help watching Review Brah though.

WWEatHome219 says:

When Reviewbrah said ten was a dozen minus two, that changed my outlook of life.

Mariann Christine says:

“the nuggets are invading” hahahahaha

Just a ol pole says:

Double down from KFC? p.s love u Reviewbrah

Mario Luigi says:

Thank you, i wish you a nice week aswell 🙂

SilentViper says:

I’ve never seen his teeth in any of his videos

slothbreeder69 says:

i want to be that bottle.

Nathan S says:


The Crackpot Dad says:

Reviewbrah, you always brighten my day and give me a giggle, classic “There are 10, that’s a dozen minus two”. Comedy gold my friend.

Luke of the Cave says:

great review John. I was pleasantly surprised with these nugs. these were nice and spicy, more so than the BK jalapno chicken fries and the spicy chicken fries. great nuggets. BK does it yet again.  =)

baby alex says:

Are you Lordes brother

PJ Moon says:

You’re too close, man!

BigMac Mick says:

“outbreaks of the spicy nugget have been reported across the country”     genius

Amethyst says:

What’s his email?

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