CARL’S JR BURGER FOOD REVIEW – Fast Food Friday – Greg’s Kitchen

For todays fast food Friday food review l try a burger chain i’ve never tried before, it’s called Carl’s Jr! Lets see what this burger tastes like after l give it a review and i’ll give it a score out of 10!


Jack A says:

We’ve got Carl’s Jr in Australia now brah.

Ash Rogers says:

Carl’s Jr. is awesome. There’s a couple in Oz now on the Central Coast & Brisbane I think. None in Melbourne yet though where I live 🙁

Damion Miller says:

Greg needs to try In-N-Out Burger and Five Guys when he comes to the states!

Yugen TV says:

the weather is looking great in Australia and the people at the street is less and more peace when compared to USA..

craig tiffany says:

Dog burger

dirty matt says:

hey greg. there are some carl’s jrs in aus. i’ve personally been to the one in “The Entrance” NSW, but i also recall seeing one at the brisbane airport.

good luck

Jennifer Vasquez says:

I feel like you should only eat regional cuisine in the originating country. I’ve never been to Singapore but I’m guessing there is a HUGE difference in taste. Come to ‘Murca and have a western bacon cheeseburger for 6$ it’ll impress you a lot more. I’ve never found CJ to have sweet burgers. That’s just creepy. And here, CJ is worlds above McDonalds and BK. I’m just sad that this was what you got.

V.T V.T says:

Australian accents, definitely the stupidest and most annoying in the world. Only a good fit for clowns

Fourthy Blank Clutter says:

greg come visit bali !! see you there

Paya Chinglish says:

burger king has less burgers to choose from despite calling itself “king”. there’s that.

Anti Establishment says:

Hi honey, Where your gay necklace today?

David DM says:

Carl Jr’s premium burgers are the ones that are really special, the normal ones like the one you ate are meh like you mention. Good review.

Donald Westerhazy says:

Shitty burger, shitty politics. Trump picked the CEO as Sec. of Labor.

76jmm says:

I like Carls Jr. I go for the 4 for 4 dollar deal, small drink, cheeseburger (junior size), spicy chicken sandwich, and small fry. I save the save chicken sandwich for later, so I have two meals for one price. The burgers here aren’t sweet, except when I had the California style burger, had the sweet thousand island dressing, did not like it at all.

I do prefer the Burger King burger, has more of a charbroil taste, unfortunately not close by to the restaurant.

Tracy Perkins says:

come to Dallas and have a Whataburger

Rob Hoffman says:

I was going to say you needed to try the Mushroom and Swiss or Frisco but then I discovered the difference between Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. They don’t have them on the menu.

Hugh Janus says:

Man, I live in NYC and the closest Carl’s Jr. is in Oklahoma! But we have White Castle! Yeeeeha!

Darell Gabriel says:

Oiii Grego there is actually a Carls Jr. burger up in Newcastle mate!

Ridge Brown says:

did you know that dimebag darrell uses Coca-Cola for his famous black tooth grin drink

Jason Reyes says:

aussie is my favorite English accent

Steven Nashington says:

I wanna see you try food in Europe or USA Greggo that would be so good!

Aaron Rosse says:

there is one in Australian

Cookie Cat says:

Is that at vivocity, harbourfront or orchard road


Now Thats a Burger

OneStopShot says:

They are in Australia, There’s one at Bateau Bay, Central Coast, I have personally eaten there and I loved it! There is also one at Brisbane airport. I like it way better than Mc Donalds and Burger King aka Hungry Jacks.

Vicky Smurf says:

best burgers are from Angelos fish and chips!

sm01845 says:

Wow I had no idea that there were Carl’s jr/Hardee’s outside of the United States.

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