Carls Jr’s NEW ALL DAY Breakfast Burger Food Review!

Big Daddy Food Reviews – Today We Review The All day breakfast burger from Carls Jr

Price of Food – $3.99

Food Courtesy of – Carls Jr Fast Food Franchise

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Richard A Pico says:

yeah, service at Carl’s Jr has dropped off tremendously. sorry to hear about your 20 min delay.

iHeartGS33 says:

I wish there is a Carl’s Jr. near me

Davesky19 says:

I think they should have used some sort of zesty sauce instead of ketchup.

Ernest Jack Salazar says:

hey can I have an ig shout out man e-to_the. j I would appreciate it you’re the best youtuber

Jesus Flores says:

no more reviews on fast food. look at ya… you re a planet!

Fart Knocker says:

6:50 sweet sweet irony

Stan G says:

Love the videos, keep them coming let’s get you to 100k subs!! Rock on!!

Thats Noice says:

Big Daddy – That’s Nooiiiccceeeee haha, looked awesome 🙂

Mike Smith says:

I tried to and yes it was good but not the best burger I’ve tried

Showery says:

Looks good

Ebony Thornton says:

That looks good! I’m gonna try it this week!

Ian Dye says:

Another awesome vid!

TsiMp Food Reviews says:

great video bigdaddy could you shout me out in a future video plz thx

Roman Murga says:

Aye!!! Good video ma dude! Every time you take a bite out of that burger, it makes me want to take a bite out of it too xD Go check Marko’s channel please, Polo TV.

pianogus says:

Bacon tonguing is epic. I have to try this one!

this is a unique username says:

Very yummy muchacho keep eating WoOo WoOo WoOo WoOo WoOo!

MJ34 says:

Great food review really enjoyed the video

donovin miller says:

thanks for the shoutout man keep up the great work

Erick Ambassador says:

The breakfast burger is okay haha and yes sometimes the Carl’s Jr. Services isn’t good but awesome review

Richard A Pico says:

on tv, the burger looks fantastic. Carl’s Junior was one of the few fast-food hamburger joints to offer a morning burger, ala super star with cheese, my favorite by the way.

Barry Dimmock says:

Gotta love obese people with triple chins doing fast food reviews

DJ Dufurst says:

is there a Del Taco near you? It’s one of my favorite places when out on the road.

Richard A Pico says:

$4 price point is spot on…I’m going to try it…excellent review.

Peter J's Food Reviews says:

The all Day Breakfast Burger doesn’t seem like too bad of a combo! Nice review!

makkeouthill x says:


TsiMp Food Reviews says:

hey this is bigdaddys younger brother i just started a channel about food reviews to go subscribe plz and GOOD video dayton

Kebazy says:

Great food review. making me hungry 😀

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