CARL’S JUNIOR in India // SAVAGE Review of New Delhi Burgers // Fast Food Review

Welcome to Carl’s Junior in India, everybody. If you want to see a tasty review of mutton and veggie burgers in New Delhi, you’ve come to the right place. What we got here is a serious fast food tour of the highest calibre, baby!

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FOOD INFO // Some fast foods in this video include:

1. Mango Smoothie
2. Mint Mutton Burger (Chargrilled)
3. Wasabi Fries
4. Tandoori 9 Jewel Veggie Burger

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Portrait Art Courtesy of Davkro (Twitter handle @Krooked_Glasses)
Intro / Outro Music: “BirdBrainz” by Otis McDonald
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Chilltownify says:

Yo DustinDawg, I’ll take one of those beef-free mango smoothies to go, thanks chief!

Abhist Pankaj says:

Juicy bargarz!

Shinichi 81 says:

Muslims and Christians do eat beef in India. Though it depends in which state you are. States like Kerala, Goa, etc. are open to eating beef. And in some other states, buffalo meat is allowed.

prabhkaran bhambra says:


Loren Yeager says:

Narration totally made me sub and unsub within 40 seconds…

bdpa kaknox says:

Mutton is sheep, not goat.

Krishnan unni says:

Fun fact : India is not a Hindu country.. We are a secular nation.

Voodoo Child says:

I think i’ve come to the right place

Benson Harison says:

you can get beef is India easily,but its not sold in public outlets because hardly anyone eats it here in north India(Delhi).
if you go down to south india or north east india you can enjoy some delicious beef! ( goa, lakshwadweep, Kerala, mizoram, telegana, Meghalaya, jammu kashmir, pondicherry, nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, manipur and other north east states )

amalesh hari says:

Dive dick first…

Castrophrophy Tea Bagger says:


Life of Pye says:

I can’t imagine fast food in India is going to be any good!

Rickardo Agusta says:

Fuck your narration and fuck afnar, but great video and great afnar, screw you, i like your video, hope this channel grows faster than you can imagine

Ghost3210 says:

When are in the surpreme country of exotic flavors and eat burgers and french fries like a true savage … just like I would xD

Vighnesh Deshpande says:


Manju Ghost gh says:

Oh please man majority of Indians don’t eat beef, that’s it so availability is very less… But most of my friends (who are HINDUS) eats beef but it’s like have to search better place for good beef meat food that’s it.

Stefan Formentano says:

That’s a nice fucking video right there!

Justin Bates says:

Those saying there goes my DIET. There is vegetarian and vegan foods that taste better than meats. 🙂

Arya Khopkar says:

SoloTravelBlog can you make an actual vlog like Mark Wiens does .

abmunubolu says:

This video touched my sweety buns.

Kaustabh Gupta says:

that mango smoothie definitely got no beef

Gaurav Vel says:

Dude you sound like Xavier renegade Angel .

Leann Cordle says:

Mutton is good there’s a lot of Indian food here in the uk
And it’s good as fuck

Tushar Chugh says:

That horrible narration! *mePukes*

aravind ajith says:

kygo playing in the background babycheeks!!

D Cole says:

get a new voice

SoloTravelBlog says:

Fun fact: the word “mutton” means goat meat in India. Outside of India, it means adult sheep meat. I guess I should have mentioned it in the video.

Tanveer Akbar says:

Those are some damn nice buns – and the meat ain’t half bad either. What can I say, I’m a bun man – and love to give them a squeeze whenever I get a chance. Goats, cows, chicken – they’re all racist at the end of the day, and they better believe me, I like to chow down on unassuming innocent animals for giggles. I love me some beef from time to time, but gotta respect that Hindustani culture, because you know what they say “When in Rome… think with your dick”

Utkarsh Kohli says:

Well I was riding and diving around the youtube videos when I came across this buckwild video and its safe to say I dived butt cheeks first into it. As soon as I clicked on the video , in a new delhi nanosecond of it , I attained Moksha.Although I was hoping for a rating system Consisting of Maharaja Dawgs, Maharani Dawgs Or Narendra Modis but I cant Complain. But Holy Fucking masala Dawgs, What is Carls Jr doing?
Those people are trying to confuse the shit outta its customers by giving a juicy burger and then a dry burger? What are they trying to do? Pull a fast one on the buckwild King.Rookie mistake right there.
Anyways getting a tad off topic here. Long story short nice fucking burgers, and more than that nice fucking video. How nice you ask? Well that was a 6/5 Maharaja GOATS. Keep Posting.!!

Ditya Prasad says:


Merrick says:

i love you.

Vented , says:

So what is the moral scale in india apparently cows are sacred but all other animal is fair gain even close relitives to the cow are eaten but not cow what gives? Are chcikens and goats minorities in the animal kingdom animal racism i tell you

Piyush Pawar says:

Hey Dustin if you’re still In Delhi do check out Satya Niketan Market near South Campus.. Check out Maggie point and Chowringee

paulson thomas says:

*Next time speak FASTER DAMMIT*

Lauren Brittany says:

Wow, its so awesome that india has all this great fast food places, i think they look better than usa fast food baby cakes

winterbells1 says:

mutton is lamb not goat…

Punter Games says:

your voice seems like you have teeth and toungue in your ass…. sick voice … disgusting

pop organics california says:

Will you go back to japan? Missin my oishi as fucks baby cakes

Alex S. says:

I wonder if Dustin ever lies about how good or bad a certain food is

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