Checking Out Popeyes New Rip’n Chick’n!

In celebration of National Donut Day I review the new Rip’n Chicken from Popeyes.



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Sam Babar says:

Why did youtube say this was a possibly offensive video?

TaxEvasion says:

“Inappropriate and offensive” what the heck is going on? why would this get flagged?

Tembojack says:

I was given a warning this has offensive content, I fail to find anything remotely offensive in this film. Youtube never ceases to disappoint me, it as a platform has repeatedly astonished me at its ability to “lower the bar” further and further downward

TheHighTower says:

How is this video flagged for being inappropriate?

Skyler Montiel says:

For some reason when I click the video I get a message saying it’s been deemed “inappropriate” by the YouTube community. Why is that?

Truck Driver 101 says:

This is not offencive content what the hell is going on YouTube. Am I the only one who got a warning that this was offencive content? Ridiculous.

made ya look says:

Moves like a muppet

ball keith says:

I got a warning that this may be inappropriate….kfc must be hating

Bud Lee says:

dear fast food marketers: good food sells itself . stop doing weird glutenous things to it and just make normal food taste as good as you can . i almost forgot good review brah .

Cameron R says:

I got a warning that this has adult content in it….. What?

Zachary Villines says:

Your channels suffering. You suck

Mike's Vegas says:

You’re comparing a place that does Chicken, to a place that does Burgers. So it’s no surprise.

K K says:

I received a notice saying this content was flagged by other as inappropriate. Why?

Nick H says:

i got a content warning on this???? i thought youtube lost it with the memes and gun channel bans, but this is insane

Sean O says:

Here’s to a million subscribers. Congrats, Sir. It’s been a joy to watch your channel grow so fast over the past couple years. Been here since 200k.

CMZ says:

YouTube gave me the “Explicit Content” prompt saying this video is inappropriate ??? Wth???

Bitchboyardee says:

Why did youtube flag this as offensive? Maybe its offensive to chickens?

Cody Grove says:

Reviewbrah did this video and or your channel get demonetized? It gave me a warning for the possibility of inappropriate content. I also notice there is no advertisement on this video

InstaGraham says:

I got a restricted mode warning ⚠️…

U2 boy says:

I get a warning from YouTube that this could be offensive content. Unreal. It’s a food review!!

Thät Gïrl ! says:

Lol, The way his eyes dart around as he’s chewing the food. Good video 🙂

Scott's Gaming Banzai says:

Insightful analysis of this sustenance! Rance dressing does seem like the logical accompaniment to that spice enhanced chicken.

Jay K says:

Why is this video age restricted?

Skeeter Valentine says:

Why was this marked as inappropriate?

ManFat says:

Almost *1 million subs!!!*

Ziggy Hood says:

It made me verify my age to watch this

Western spy says:

Why did YouTube make me confirm that this content may be inappropriate lmfao

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