Chick-fil-A ☆CHICK-N-MINIS™ MUKBANG w/Daughter☆ Food Review!!!

Sarah is back for Spring Break and we stopped in at Chick-fil-A to annihilate their LARGE PLATTER of Chick-N-Minis™ for a MUKBANG FEAST with my Daughter! BIG BITE!!!



Raising Cane’s ☆4PC CHICKEN FINGERS BOX w/Daughter☆ Food Review!!!

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patrick speers says:

Great Video, love having your Daughter with you!!!

Erik The Red says:

Are these Breskfast items or Lunch Items?

1Shadow562 says:

sup pops

Clara M Carter says:

So happy to see Sarah again. Loved her shirt, was wondering what it said after Not All Heroes?. She’s such a cutie!! Love your videos, keep them coming.

Mda87 says:

Next time I go there get some of their mayo packets and put on the fries it’s great

Gern Blanston says:

Those look real tasty. Smart to get the tray, tempted to do the same myself. Buying in bulk saves you future trips, just wrap them up and store them in the fridge for future “use”. Even gives you a chance to play around with them a little bit; whether it be sauces, cheese, etc. Hell, I’d put a nice layer of scallion or veggie cream cheese along one of the sides of the bun.


Such an awesome video with your daughter. We love chick fil a breakfast. We get the eggwhite grill because its a little healthier. Chick fil a sauce is the best, then polynesian. ❤❤

coffeguy10 says:

Those little sandwiches looked so good. I was salivating while watching you two eat them. Sauces all the way with me. Great video.

TericNoah says:

Gimme that, tong, ta, tong, tong, tong!


Great video brother.

FitAngie says:

Those look pretty good to me, your girl is gorgeous Justin.

Richard Waters says:

LOL @ her face when Dad starts going on about how much he loves breasts.

Old Dirty Ninja says:

Awesome sauce

Justin Connors says:

Anyone ever tell you you look like Eric the Electric in 20 years? Like you dudes totally have the same face. And similar personalities and expressions.

Lance Tieger says:

Totally the same way. I must have sauces. It’s like having a bunch of different sandwiches if you can dip in multiple sauces.

DeAna Sulfridge says:

CHICK-fil-a is my absolute favorite place to eat. Their food is fabulous!! Love their side salad and a order of nuggets w/ lite Italian salad dressing. Put the nuggets on top of the salad, fantastic!! You can even put the Polynesian dip on top of the salad instead of the Italian dressing, still absolutely delicious. I love everything there. Their carrot raisin salad is also a favorite. Chicken is superb!!!

Jimmie Strong says:

I LOVE those Babies!! Your daughter was a nice addition to the video, she has a GREAT smile!!

BC Reviews says:

Lol the doll hairs part reminded me of upchurch , Sarah looks familiar, do y’all live around northern or middle TN? Anyway cool video , I subscribed

Israel Santos says:

mordida grandeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE

Mda87 says:

Chick fil a is the bomb great vid Justin thanks

Bohhdoublegeez Yayo says:

In a non-disrespectful way, your daughter is beautiful. Love the videos man

Gregory Lanphear says:

These Chicken minis have been out a while, You can get them in 4, or 8 pieces if I’m not mistaken but y’all got the party platters I’ve eaten them on and off for breakfast for over 2 years.

Logan White says:

Do yourself a favor next time you go to Chick-fil-A brotha man, have some honey on that nugget… trust me.. “Just do it”

thatgadgetgirl says:

Fantastic to see you both so happy!!!

Terror Knights says:

Too dry for me

Sydney Forrester says:

I bet you are the fun parent, Justin.

tro5k says:

Just had those last week, they were bomb! And I think I can eat 40 of those by myself lol no joke

Zep Langston says:

A part of me died when you had quit making vids. Thankfully you brought me back to life with that BIG BITE!!!

Triadhaze says:

Love the matching chains!

jason mills says:

Denver is way overpriced, a nice home is over $600k fuck that. I almost moved there from Vegas and im so glad i didnt.

Wriley Moll says:

You’re daughter is cute and buetiful and are they any good I watch all of your videos I can’t wait for the next videos

Clara M Carter says:

That’s awesome Sarah, thanks. Hope you keep Youtubing with your cool Dad. Happy early Birthday & Congrats on your upcoming graduation. You go girl!!

Soulflwr1 says:

I don’t like sauces either. I eat those plain. Tfs

Sig Shooter says:

Raised a smart woman, Justin, she’s drinking tea instead of soda 😛 Oh, and get her inrolled in a CPR class lolz

Daryl Duke says:


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