Chili’s® NEW! ☆THE BOSS BURGER☆ Food Review!!!

Chili’s® NEW! ☆THE BOSS BURGER☆ Smoked brisket, tender rib meat, jalapeno-cheddar smoked sausage, bacon & cheddar with lettuce, tomato, House BBQ & house-made ranch. The burger all other burgers report to. Now available at all Chili’s restaurants!

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King says:

3:31 Did you really edit that INTO your video lmfao

George Martinez says:

0:01 that’s how good pussy sounds like

Sig Shooter says:

Go leave a comment on their YT channel. Here’s the link to their ad for this burger.

Alain C says:

In the spirit of you being in Colorado. I would love to smoke a doobie right where you are and then eating that BOSS BURGER. BIG BITE!!

Tom Westland says:

Great video . i WISH uk had a buger like that . keep up the GREAT WORK PLEASE thankyou for makeing this video

Brandon Washburn says:

I just tried one tonight, thought it sucked…

The Lunch Files says:

Biggest BITE in the BIZ! That burger is INSANE! Doesn’t surprise me they forgot something, they probably need a checklist for that burger! LOL! Also, Love your shirt!

duncan spencer says:

are you sure it didnt fall of at the beginning?

Jason says:

Sorry you were so disappointed they didn’t put the sausage. It still looked hella delicious!

kinglarryjr 415 says:

I just had the boss today it was great

cubs0110 says:

The Assistant To The Regional Manager Burger

Critical Eats Japan says:

Big Boss Bite! What a beast!

You Got Mossed!! says:

Shouldn’t your gimmick be your “Signature MULTIPLE Bites?” If nothing else but to be accurate. 😉


that is too much for my fat ass

New Jammies says:

Aren’t you the dude from step bothers?

Tim Yaeger says:

You should send this video to there fb and twitter accounts lol

kinglarryjr 415 says:

Plus not bad for 14.49

Robert Barbour says:

great video J-J-Justin! I have a quick question – How tall are you? I’m doing a bet with other friends and food reviewers to find out who the tallest food reviewer on YouTube is. We think Big Shane is the tallest so far but we can’t reveal how tall he is until all the results are in. #Bigbite

S Verlander says:

Good help is hard to find.

Sheila Madden says:

You should have taken your happy ass in an told them to fiix it. Your bad! I would have raised hell.

xbox has no games lol xbox sucks ass says:

Ask for hot sauce next time for heat looks like a good burger

Albert Wesker says:

I used to work at Chili’s and I can guarantee you that the cooks hate when you order this.

Layton Minnix says:

I guess it’s just a sign of the time we live in today? Seems like no one at any of these places care about quality of the food or filling the orders correctly?? Chili’s, Applebee’s, Ruby Tuesday’s, and TGIF all lost money in sales last year and years past. So the customers are telling them they are not going to keep coming back if they continue to go downhill in all area’s of food quality and customer service. If I spend 15 dollars on a burger I expect it to be cooked to the way I want it and it better have all the toppings on it as advertised and be hot temp. wise. If they can’t do that then I might as well go to a Damn Micky D’s!!!

DansJets says:

You should have walked in there and had them make a whole new one, the correct way. That’s the only way they learn. They probably would have let you keep the wrong made one. You wasted your time and money, hope you did call them, maybe a good manager will have to come back in and get a whole new meal.

Eric Arellano says:

Taco Bell the other day messed up one thing in a 12$ order and the next visit I showed them the receipt and the made the whole order again for me. Crediting 5$ doesn’t replace the burger! That’s messed up. They should make you a new one or credit for a full burger

Outlaws Generation says:

I need to try that Boss Burger sometime.

Nannerchan says:

They also forgot to give you the fries.

Jim Watson says:

Everything halfassed it seems, seen alot lately.Great channel and video thanks

Tender Sheep says:

Tell ’em I’ll move to Colorado to manage that store!

zakelwe says:

Shame about that Justin. I like your lighting for that burger there, made it look good. The sausage might have overpowered the burger, but that was dry from what you said. Your sausage at sunset and “gotta save some for the dog ” made me chuckle 🙂 Thanks. That big bite was particularity sloppy … heh

Jess Champ says:

they probably thought you wouldn’t notice will all the other crap on there. sucks when they cant get something right special for the price.

Miguel Rojas says:

I also eat like his but not publicly lol

Brendan Feighan says:

Looks like shrek

kaitlyn thompson says:

Love your energy and videos! I get upset when my order gets messed up, I’m sorry that happened. Keep up the great work! ☺️

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