Chipotle NEW! ☆LOADED NACHOS☆ Food Review!!!

Just released in select areas, and slated for a nationwide release in Late 2018, Chipotle NEW! Nachos start with their famous tortilla chips, topped with your choice of Protein, Queso cheese, beans, salsa cheese and sour cream! These may not be available at all Chipotle locations (yet), but I got an EXCLUSIVE First Look at these and am excited to bring you my review of the NEW! Chipotle Nachos!

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Sig Shooter says:

Holy shit! I can’t wait to try barbacoa nachos 😛

ras124 says:

you should have gotten organic to-fu

J T says:

9 bucks?? Wow. Great review though!!

dirty 310 says:

Glad you tried it good video.. I wouldn’t try it Chipotle almost always have stale chips

DansJets says:

Waste of money, no wonder they have had a bunch of problems. Should have gone to Taco Bell.

Jason Grey says:

Ill never buy those nachos!
Its one they did that i hate when some places do!
Put all the ingredients on top of the chips! I do not consider that loaded! Its more like Topped.
At the end he gonna have more chips left

B.K. Perry says:


FitAngie says:

We don’t have chipotle here in Australia, that bowl looks pretty loaded up and LOL at the chips being like a dry dessert, so funny Justin.

Paul Young says:

Subbed a month ago..finally a food item you didn’t love..thanks for the honest review. Keep up the food grind!

jsmith198095 says:

Im view 801:) thanks Justin for another amazing 1st bite BIG BITE..

K MAD88 says:


Stoney Cruz says:

Yeah never liked chipotle recently, their ingredients are cold and bland, even the meat, I rather get some macho nachos from Del Taco for half the price

Andrew Chung says:

Looks like Eric the Electric finally gaining weight huh?

cyoohoos says:

That desert is why I don’t buy nachos. I buy my own chips, layer the toppings, pop in microwave and eat at home.

Zack F says:

This is lame. Just their same ingredients combined.

Johnny Schiesser says:

Sorry Justin but those are not good nachos. I found Chipotle has made my food cold almost every time I’ve gone there! No wonder people are getting sick. Like there food but not Cold! I usually get burritos there and they are always cold! Nice video as always.

Matt says:

Chipotle is overrated

Freddie's Food Reviews says:

9 dollars for nachos. Thats just insane. Ha!

Kodak White says:

Yeahhh I’ll stick with the nacho Belgrade for 3 bucks at Taco Bell

cubs0110 says:

No melted cheese = not nachos

Still looks delicious, if expensive.

Michael Barrett says:

$9 for nachos? You better be in a baseball stadium for that price.

Yankees1215 NJ says:

start watching your weight!! you have kids!!

Danny R says:

Jalapenos would’ve been good on them. Takes a BIG BITE out of your wallet, can see why they’re NA-CHO CHEESE!

Chris Terlesky says:

try moes nachos, you get twice as much and they have way more toppings and they will give you the queso on the side so you have enough all the way to the bottom. they also have 2 kinds of jalapenos

Shadowhulk72 says:

little bit of meat and a drizzle of cheese, chipotle be robbing people, for the price I can make some super nachos at any mexican restaurant

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