Chuck E Cheese NEW! ☆ROCK & PIZZA ROLL☆ Food Review!!!

Chuck E Cheese NEW! ☆ROCK & PIZZA ROLL!☆ Hand-Rolled at OVER 15 INCHES this Pepperoni and Cheese STUFFED CRUST fresh baked favorite is available at all Chuck E Cheese locations for a LIMITED TIME! Included is a unique guitar box made specially for this rockin’ good pizza! BIG BITE!!!

Over 25,000 Subscribers! Thank you to the entire YouTube community for your support! It’s because of the fans, viewers and most importantly my subscribers that I continue to provide great content!


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Paul's World says:

Sweet memories from Chuck N Cheese thank you

iForgot MyName says:

look how greasy that box is. you should to stop eating fast food, its unhealthy.

Joshua Sparr says:

Glad ur back bro u have to have thick skin to be on YouTube just remember thou the haters give u watch time if they waste their time leaving negative comments they are jealous

Shayotita says:

Well if it’s perfect in later hours then they probably rush making pizzas or recycle it during busy hours. Still kinda gross but understandable.
Also, the whole pizza recycling has been debunked.

Hectic 1 says:

Nice vid your videos are very entertaining to watch

Brett N says:

mandingo madness….i see what you did there

Chris M. says:


Richard Grimaldi says:


Bill Jones says:

That tip looks like a cock head!!! I let the ads play in full, it’s the most I can do.

Mathew Lipperd says:

I’ve noticed that every video when you start hyping yourself up about the food, you gotta break the hype with a quick “GOD!!” Haha, You can feel the passion through the video, BIG BITE!

NickLaverda says:

That pizza roll thing actually looks bomb

j loomis7 says:

Keep up the good reviews and good daym stabs

Kent Drummond says:

This is RADICAL!

Noah Wind says:

Thank god this man has came back, screw the haters

Mr FSU says:

Another Great Video!!!!!!!

zepole87 says:

It takes balls to walk into chuckee cheese alone without kids. Lmao!

Cory G says:

Big bite!

zakelwe says:

i love the reviews including the big bite at the start, the one at the end is just jumping the shark though I think, that was hard watching that for me..

The one at the start is big enough to be your trademark.

Just a thought. keep chomping, thanks for the reviews of less known places.

Battle Machine says:


Shaun Merrill says:

I have a horrible cold right now so I’m jealous that you can taste this and breathe right now.

Steven Decker says:

You shouldn’t be aloud in Chuck E. Cheese after that Wendy’s bath tub video

Joshua Sparr says:

Nice video but chuckee cheese is way overpriced and overrated just my opinion

Kerry Priest says:

6:39 love it!! Marijuana Sauce!!! Haha

Battle Machine says:

1:44-1:53 close your eyes

Kerry Priest says:

Thank you so much for the loyalty to your fans instead of the haters. Not sure if you read your comments anymore but you are truly one of my favorite reviewers!!! Keep up the good work!!!

Ryan Parish says:

So damn glad to see Justin back


you always surprising us with another greatness Justin!

Manny's Book Bag says:

So big it has a knee in it. Nice Magnum package.

voteZDLR says:

lol love the subtle Daym Drops dig at the end. Daym will take like two bites of something then give a score on it and somehow he has literally almost 80 times the subscribers as this guy. Love the dig. That was great. Daym to me isn’t even really that much of a food reviewer anymore, but this guy’ll eat two cause he knows that’s what the people really want. Love your stuff man you’re underrated.

J Pisle says:

Boy I love everything about your videos. Keep doing you and keep bringing the laughs.

Alain C says:

Ha! You know those Chuck E Cheese employees are rolling the tip of that thing to look “anatomically correct”.
Just looking at it right before the big bite looked pornographic. You know they are just looking at all the paying customers laughing their asses off. LOL. Still a fan! Love the vlogs brother!

Mark Howarth says:

What size is your chain? Thickness? 6mm? Thanks!

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