Church’s Chicken $5 Real Big Deal is Back! – Fast Food Review – Full Nelson Eats A Lot

Church’s Chicken has brought back the Real Big Deal! This thing has 2 pieces of delicious juicy chicken, 2 sides of your choice, a honey butter biscuit, and their signature jalapeno!!!

But does it bring the flavor and the value? Find out in this new episode of Full Nelson Eats A Lot!!!

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MikeyPlays says:

I usually just watch and don’t comment but I know for smaller YouTube channels a comment means a lot 🙂 so nice video dude! Keep it up

C Johnston says:

What an awesome deal. Could you try Rudy’s??? Buckees is great for a brisket sandwich and supposedly beaver nuggets. Never tried those though.

Popeyes biscuits are pretty good.

The Badcompany says:

Church’s chicken is really good, I love their biscuits the most. Popeyes is my favorite though. Do you ask the staff at the restaurants if you can film or do you just go ahead and record without asking. I’m always so paranoid about recording because I know how we are at my job.

Lance Tieger says:

I liked Church’s but they left NY too. Good deal though. Popeyes spicy is my favorite. I just have to learn to stop ordering 16 piece meals each time.

Diego Caridad says:

Greetings from Argentina! Love your reviews!

FeedDaZeke CowBoysFan says:

You should try there chicken fried steak

GoingSouthMagazine says:

Great review!

PsyCotiCtron says:

Dude congrats man on the churches shout out!

Fox Castillo says:

church’s definitely is my favorite chicken place, way too good

Nat Gonzales says:

Can you do a bill Miller’s bbq review. On whatever you’re in the mood for, fried chicken, or the bbq.

David says:

Keep it up! Loving the food reviews!

Big C reviews says:

Great review Aaron

Michael Kobitka says:

Maaaannnnnn what’s going on haven’t seen much from you…. Miss the videos what’s going on bud???

Freddie Foodie King says:

Just one of those chicken breasts can feed a family of 3 alone

BiteAndChewFoodReview says:

YOOOOOO Looking fresh!

That’s seriously a hell of a deal! Great video my man! Keep it up!


OMG my Churches had two breasts and a bis for five and I thought that was killer deal and get strawberry jelly for bis. I liked it better than KFC way better than poppie

Christopher Page says:

Man I’m so glad you went spicy..I think Church’s Spicy is even better than Popey’s but hey I just wish there was one around churches closed down and is now some sort of gas station Indian Carl’s Jr. also closed and so did my KFC! I dont know what is going on but we still have plenty of other places but I miss my Church’s..lool thanks for the review!

Freddie Foodie King says:

Looking fly my brother

loriparker666 says:


Roland Mendoza says:

I’ve been hella busy miss you bro *signature jolly-peno*

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