Church’s Chicken Food Review

► FINALLY!! I am doing a Church’s Chicken Review and MANY of the #FoodieFam have been requesting this one for years…The question is, “IS THIS CHICKEN WORTH THE WAIT?”

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Alex 630 says:

How do you go to churches & not get the ocra That shit is fire

mysterioso 100 says:

This video was everything I thought it would be.

Yap Heng Aik says:

Ketchup on the skin pls !

Fnaf Plushy Productions says:


RR Moyer says:

I thought church’s was only in mid west (Michigan, Ohio, Illinois)

telepathy90 says:

I gotta try some churches

Patrick Sweeney says:

Gotta get that chicken steak tenderloin

Marc A says:

Church’s is the best chicken in Cali. You’ll only find this chicken spot in the hood cities

Sheldon Harris says:

Churches is dry

Rick smith says:

I work at churchs


Come to my city and try a C.O.B


bull crap

Olethea Sims-Browne says:

I think it varies from place to place in Detroit I chicken have salt and pepper on it it tastes good with the chicken people lined up around the building for Church’s Chicken better than KFC better than Popeyes that’s my opinion.

Game Start says:

that chicken looks manky

Yeeterson Peterson says:

They put way to much grease in there chicken it made me throw up twice

Sherry Parker says:

Church’s changed the batter recipe and I don’t like it Yuck!!

Anthony Davis says:

I will be having that fried Church’s chicken. Cause I am hungry any way. I might go for the extra spicy. Like this YouTube!

Kobe Iverson says:

The same logo with Texas Chicken.

Rebecca Nguyen says:

So descriptive

WizardPenguinTB says:

I subbed!

Rsd 143- says:

Oh God I LOVE Church’s, here in Puerto Rico we have tons of them.

M R says:

Daym I felt bad for you my dude. You got excited about nothing. I already knew this was going to be bad bro.

Vincent Prestianni says:

Why do people act so fucken STUPID in food reviews? Im mean seriously, especially this guy.

matt thepickel says:


941FLA Lowe says:

I prefer they white meat

Theunknowndoodlebop says:


Yeahbaby! says:

chick n is da bestest foods inn da worald!!!

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