LET ME KNOW WHO I SHOULD BUST NEXT. There are a lot of obvious targets out there, but I don’t want to be an obvious boy. ya feel me? Thanks for watching! BROOOFEEEISTTT

SnackDubbbz Food Review:


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Content cop is a satirical series that has memes and jokes. I’m like 75% serious most of the time. I’m just trying to clean up the streets.


YouMadOrNaw says:

Wtf you do to those milks. I’m scared for those children’s life

Panzer Rommel381 says:

I gove it four HEIL HITLERs out of five

JimTheEagle Jte says:


Ezra Muluken says:

Whats the asians channel?

Anthony Diaz says:

Thank You IDubbztv You are the first youtuber to fucking tell joeys diabetes tour to back the fuck up

Mikeoloco says:

Similar to Danny Tosh

Spectrum says:

I like how the kids just fucking take the milk from him no questions asked

lone wolf34 says:


Random says:

5:20 you have to create suspense.

Jessica Farmer says:

you boys want some milk

Kiwi says:

Not the kids

Eddie Ortega says:

This is the first video of iDubbz I see and six minutes in I can’t stop rewatching the gags this is great

Swenky says:

fuck you faggot im here starving ive had candy and water for breakfast and nothing else the whole day and i see yo ass dropping like 10 big macs in yo car good lord id suck the mayo and lettuce off yo dick y u wasting the shit my nigga damn

Rachel Feeback says:

6:16 to 6:42 had me rolling

Suvi Stoor says:


Gamer Ryan8209 says:

I like outro

Caitlin Tsuchiya says:

i like the outro song

Kaity 0-0 says:

How does idubbz not have every known disease known to man like, he eats everything in the sewer XD

Tyler Rankin says:

why did this turn me on

JarJarBinks 123 says:

Idubbz your poor car full McDonald

david_justin5523 says:

7:11 Every time I see that, it makes me thirsty.

박지민 says:

“We’ll maybe… ‘barackle’ on these a little but later, maybe not! I don’t do fruit =:’)” i can see that you don’t…” “do fruit”… this guy is cancerous as hell

anthony says:

I’m dead 5:58 porn music

Kyden C says:

This was when yiu were good. Now youre gay like leafy. Keep them bones healthy kids

Tyler Rankin says:

what about reviewbrah come on

MeMeMerlin Gamer says:

Iddubz your nice to kids

Im a Conservative Deal With It says:

Keemstar is the only one whose survived a content cop

Internet Police says:

Lets peep this out…

I’m under your bed says:

DiabetesTour lmao i’m dead

Joey is just a fucking train wreck

Antonio Paredes says:

At first I thought this was a feeding the homeless video

LeTrollz says:

jesus christ you can tell idubbbz doesnt have ocd

Justin matthew Harp says:

does nobody recognize the intro song 🙁 ? Explosoons in the sky – your hand in mine

Joshua Thorne says:

Marcus dibble all he does is gay shit

icameforark says:

Where did reviewbrah go he was defs in this video its how I found him

Out Of Controllers Podcast says:

I’ve been to many McDonald’s and they’ve never given me a mc gang bang

Caveman Spongebob says:

Please oh please feast on thy anus

Large Vessel says:

amazing dude lol you are hilarious

Blah...Blah...Blah says:

Reviewbrah Army, scoping the hate. Y’all came correct iDubzz. Peace.

beeresident says:

Don’t do a content cop for jake Paul, it’s too easy

The Cheesebuga says:

he says a misdeaner like going 30 fps in a 60

Dat1guyuhate says:

When gay retard was butt raped in the sewers he came out as a nigger faggot

Anthony Soltero says:

You know ur boy don’t play with no pickles

Turtles 634 says:

To be honest jinx is more fucked up than ian

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