Cook Out Fast Food Restaurant Review


Cook Out is a fast food restaurant, their menu includes burgers, BBQ, hot dogs, over 40 shakes and much more. A new location recently opened in our area so we decided to give it a try.

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Mars World says:

I’m in Georgia we have a Cook-Out here. At 1st it was great food great service. Couldn’t ask for a better fast food place. About a year has gone by and it out right sucks. The staff is rude order is never right. We no longer go there.

Cody Willis says:

“Takes some sucking to get it to come out”. Hahaha I couldn’t resist. Good review ladies!

Paul Towarnicki says:

The shredded lettuce on the burger makes it healthy. 🙂

Beverly Maloy says:

Not in PA, bummer!

Jack Vegetables says:

Always eat your vegetables

Holly says:

Those meals would be like $10 if Cook Out was in Canada.

Darcy Lyons says:

I want them to get one hear in Michigan it would do awesome hear.

Keith James says:

Good video, wish we that restaurant here in Arkyha (Arkansas).

CharsBeautyCorner says:

I live in North Carolina and we have cookout. I agree barbeque needs sauce. I like there hush puppies, burgers done cook out style. I feel so rushed when we go through the drive through. Most of ours has twenty year olds working there. The milkshake moist the time I pull out a spoon. They have Mr pibb and it’s delicious soda there

black snow says:

Their bar b cue is out of can. They do have good onion rings. But I thought cook outs started in texas.

John Smith says:

Love to yall a meat train!

Shay Carter says:

Sonics onion rings are the BEST!

Shay Carter says:

Try the banana pudding shake!

Morris Presley says:

Ladies come to Charlotte and eat at South 21 you will never eat another onion ring again!

cherie mccullough says:

I knew you gals were southern

Krystal Siscoe says:

Cook out is awesome! My fiance is from NC and we always get bbq from there when we go to visit

Mister Hat says:

Having BBQ isn’t odd. Many of their restaurants are in NC. There must be half a dozen around Winston and there’s at least that many BBQ joints too.

Mister Hat says:

Now we know where the secret hot girls club is located.

john doe says:

Horrible food, rude staff. Went once and won’t be back.

Tanzy Thress says:

Georgia has them too.

Morris Presley says:

If you do come it will be my treat! Just discovered your channel and I’m loving it

Rusty Wolfe says:

We have double drive thru’s in most of our fast food places here in Ohio.

Marie T says:

Why you so cute ladies!!!???

Larry Kool says:

My sister is a Dentist in Greensboro and her besiness is next to the original corporate headquarters of Cookout. The shakes and the priceses are generally good. Same reaction as yours, good, noot incredidible but about as good as can be expected for the price.

grace fugate says:

I was wanting to try this place out….thanks

CJ Cutter says:

This place sounds great ladies!

Koji 888 says:

You two girls work so well together. .. Maybe the best duo on YouTube.

cuteasajooliebug says:

The cookout here has almost all teens working.

Marc Black says:

I’ve eaten there before in Gainesville, GA it was ok don’t know when/if I would ever go back. Fairly reasonable prices. Nice video, must have overlooked it earlier in the week somehow.

Tina Storts says:

I like the videos with you two the most. Don’t know why you don’t a lot more subscribers. Would love to see you do Zaxbys, that was my nephews favorite in Georgia. We would go there and visit him (me and my mom) Zaxbys was always on the list of places to eat. We don’t have any here in Ohio. My nephew went home to be with our father a few years ago. We miss him so.
Thanks for your videos, keep up the good work.

Shelley G. says:

Oh do we ever need a Cook Out here in the South East!!!! Greta review Ladies, thanks

michael hopper says:

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