Cookie Expert Reviews Fast Food Chocolate Chip Cookies

Which fast food chain does this pastry chef think has the best chocolate chip cookies?


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Umber Ahmad


Theatre Geek says:

There’s a cafe/restaurant from Colorado called Woody Creek. If you live in Colorado or are visiting, try and find a Woody Creek near you and try their cookies. They are incredible

Dolphin Blue says:

Cookie Monster will eat this entire video because their are cookies in this video and he loves cookies.

Vaughn Nordman says:

REGINA what happened to you???

Mi Pe says:

I hope she has a youtube channel. She’s really enjoyable to watch

Apracity says:

The best cookies are from tim hortons but thats a canadian thing sorry

Bootay says:


_shookjungkook_ says:

y’all forgot ab the kfc cookies!!

Livie S says:

I llllllooooooovvvvvvveeeee subway cookies

Palak Malviya says:

I love this lady. She wasn’t mean and gave a fair review. Even the negatives were pointed out respectfully.

Basidoll says:

Wendy’s cookies are the literal best. Y’all missed.

Gloku says:

I would like to taste her cookie

MsKitcloudkicker says:

I’ve always liked Subway cookies!!!!

John says:

I just Gad a déjà vu wtf

NessaOfDorthonion says:

I think Bob Evan’s has the best chocolate chip cookies, they taste like smores to me

FBI Surveillance says:

Professional Terrorist Reviews School Shootings

Rick S342 says:

Subway has the best cookie

FairyDoors says:

Subway and Domino’s have the best cookies. Fight me.

Anita Gomez says:

Warm McDonald’s cookies are bomb

ya boi H A K A R U says:

Why do we have cookie experts when we could have more people on the health Field?

loli says:

Subway has the best cookies tbh

ZambieSlayerYT says:

Subway has the best cookies don’t @ me

10,000 subscribers with No Videos? says:

And Now, Let other chef taste test her bakery’s cookies

Scraprz Comic says:

Subway cookies are definitely the best

Smoll Potato :3 says:

Cookies are cookies, gimme any cookie I’ll eat the cookie.

Our Family Movies says:

Wow! I was like cookie expert? What does that even mean? But she is professor cookie.

Naszire's Vlogs says:

0:25 her eyebrows looks like Mcdonalds Sign

dana !-/ says:

subway has the best cookies?
sis we been knew these facts

Madelyn Sullivan says:

“Cookie expert?” Can I have your job plz

jimins jams says:

Sign me up

Deva Savant says:

Subway cookies are so good

DemonFox369 says:

I really like KFC ones but idk how it compares since I haven’t had any cookies from other places

Claudia Santos says:

U forgot Burger King they have cookies too!!!

u7 t says:

Didnt even knew starbucks sold cookies lol

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