Costco’s FAMOUS ☆WHOLE COMBO PIZZA☆! Available in their Food Court ONLY, in your choice of Cheese, Pepperoni or Combo, this EXTRA-LARGE 18″ PIZZA is packed with tons of toppings! Pepperoni, Sausage, Onions, Green Peppers, Mushrooms, Black Olives and Extra Cheese! I’m checking out this pizza in a most unnatural setting, so large I have to roll the windows down to even hold it up! The Costco Supreme Combo Pizza! Cheers!!!

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Josh Sparr says:

Hi Justin

WhatsGahdly says:

That’s another damn good deal from costco food court, normally from a local joint an 18in supreme would be hovering $20….damn good deal

fubuhz626 says:

Damn that pizza look good af I would choose that over Domino’s all day everyday

Jerry Brown says:

Do you workout Justin? You look pretty fit for a food reviewer.

Peronimous Pratt says:

I’m surprised he doesn’t choke with those monster bites he takes..


Step Brothers deleted scene

johnnyparamedic says:

Dude, you’re gonna choke in your car with the “big bite” one day.. be careful bro.

scott inglis says:

That first bite BIG BITE looked incredible!

David Arechiga says:

Fucken Mandingo pizza! That shit is racists as fuck wow good choice for a review

Aleksandar Petrovic says:

That must be very tasty, it have lot of stuff on it , good pizza and good reviews!

GhOsT_Marine_30 says:

I am just here for the krunch… did you hear it??

j loomis7 says:

I can’t speak to Costco but you can walk into any Sam’s club just to eat. I’ve done it many times.

Sig Shooter says:

Hella good deal and it looks tasty

Critical Eats Japan says:

Niiiice! I just reheated a slice of this exact pizza from yesterday’s event! Hell of a deal—even though ours is about $12, still great deal! And better than most of the typical Japanese pizzas anyhow… Big bite!

Michael33R says:

Costco pizza is definitely one of my (if not) my favorite pizzas. #Bigbite

evi_dence760 says:

Been subscribed since 2016. Love your choice of foods

Shawny Mac says:


CJ Cutter says:

Gotta love some good za!

Ryan Parish says:

Hell of a last bite big bite. That was monstrous.

Earthbound says:

18 inches of your mandingo 😉

marc w says:

I love how the price is the same. Here in Washington State they are trying to run people out with prices.

Zack F says:

Amazingly this ‘za is the same price since at least ’12 based on the review on Brandeating – still $10. Wow.. Inflation can suck it.

Daniel Ellingsen says:

Are you putting the pizza out the window lol I think you’re high

kevo300 says:

You took that mandingo in your mouth like a professional!!

Daniel Ellingsen says:

You can also get The specialty pizza without meat Creating the veggie pizza so you really have four options

CurrySoSpicy says:

Hey dude! Hope you are well.

seropserop says:

You’re allowed to go to the cafe without a card, you’re allowed to go in the store without a card too, they just warn you that you can’t check out. If you’re scared just say your family is already inside with the card.

Clarence Boddicker says:

You’re gonna need a bigger car

Scott Calender says:

Costco most definitely has the best pizza around. I mean for the size, and quality for just 10 bucks and can get that size! You just can’t beat it.

Alain C says:

The “MANDINGO PIZZA” hahahahaha!! I just peed myself.

208 says:

I’m near five Costco’s and have never had a Costco pizza with half that amount of topping. The whole pepperoni is less than in reviews, too. Maybe there are too many customers, so they add less to cook faster.

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